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Formentera frees up €21k in funding for sportspeople on island

foto windsurfThe Formentera Council's fitness department has given out €21k to local athletes in the form of funding and gear for competitive events. The assistance went not just to top-tier athletes who compete in trials that are international and national in scope, but also to young sportswomen and men involved on domestic competitive circuits. The aid recipients are specialists in windsurf (four), tennis (three), track and field (two), judo and triathlons (one each, respectively).

CiF sport secretary Jordi Vidal says the money will help “support the development of our youngest athletes and enable them to advance towards higher levels of competition in the future”. For those athletes who are already established, the idea is to lend a hand with “the competitive equipment they will need on their path to becoming increasingly disciplined sports players” and “help cover some of the costs of participation”.

Partnership with Fundació Balear de l'Esport
The Formentera Council expects soon to sign a deal with an association that promotes sport in the region called FEB, or Fundació per a l'Esport Balear. The agreement supports athletes on the path to increasing specialisation as well as improved conditions as they compete in the national and global arenas, the ultimate goal being to expand the amount of assistance available to Formentera's premium players.

Travel assistance
At the start of 2018, the Council opened up €140k in funding for clubs on the island that specialise in sport and fitness, in one fell swoop covering 90% of the costs that eight local clubs had budgeted.

Seventy-four thousand euros of that package went to grants in support of sport in 2017, while the other €66k was used to offset travel costs so that the local clubs could participate in meets held off the island.

An additional €20k was unlocked by the administration for federated teams.

Trasmapi on board with island's sailing school

foto caiacs 2018Secretary of sport Jordi Vidal and Trasmapi company spokesman Rafael Cardona paid a visit to Formentera's municipal sailing school, the Escola de Vela, of which Trasmapi is one of the leading sponsors.

Per an agreement reached last year, the day offered a chance for the transport company to present the school—known locally as the Escola Municipal de Vela—with kayaks and a range of other nautical gear Vidal called “crucial to continuing the school's mission”. He noted that despite the fact the school will continue operating out of provisional structures until construction of the island's nautical sports centre is complete, instructors have already given over three hundred courses there this year.

Cardona, for his part, reaffirmed Trasmapi's commitment to the school, calling the present and future collaboration between the company and the school “a pleasure” and saying, “For us, it's all about promoting sport and Formentera's young people”.

Last year Trasmapi made a two-year, renewable €7,000 pledge in support of the school in 2017 and 2018.

The money goes towards service upgrades, nautical gear for instruction and practice at the school by students of sailing, windsurf and kayak. Trasmapi also offers maritime transport between Formentera and Eivissa for people, vehicles and goods relating to activities at the sailing school.

Municipal pool to close for maintenance and upgrades

foto piscina-municipalThe Formentera Council's department of sport wishes to inform islanders that the municipal pool will be closed September 10 to 16.

Crews will conduct an array of maintenance operations—from painting locker rooms and hallways, replacing fans and installing new electrical outlets to performing upgrades on the smaller pool and the ceiling, mounting joints in the pool's beach area and carrying out other general improvements.

The pool will reopen as normal on Monday, September 17.

Open enrolment across Formentera's municipal sport schools

foto escola esportiva 2The Formentera Council's department of sport reports that the island's municipal sport schools will reopen their doors when summer comes to an end in September.

Enrolment in the Formentera athletics, tennis and archery schools starts September 1. For islanders interested in joining the island's sailing school—a programme also known as the “regatta team”—, registration takes place separately, under the supervision of Club Surf Formentera.

Where space is limited, registration will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Signups can be done online on the Antoni Blanc fitness centre website, in person at the Citizen's Information Office (OAC) or on the OAC's web portal (https://ovac.conselldeformentera.cat).

The enrolment period lasts ten days (the process involves a registration form and permission slips) and includes making payment at the Antoni Blanc fitness centre (poliesportiu).

Parents are invited to take part, at 7.30pm on Thursday September 6, in a gathering at the meeting room of the fitness centre. The event, which will serve to introduce school staff and programme coordinators, will also be an opportunity to discuss registration, approaches used by school instructors and the programme timetable. Activities will begin over two days, Monday and Tuesday, September 17 and 18.

For complete details about Formentera's municipal sport schools, visit www.emaf.cat or the Antoni Blanc fitness centre.

Progress report: Formentera's municipal sport schools

nens-escola-de-vela-2017The Formentera Council's office of sport seized the opportunity today to take stock of the island's network of municipal sport schools. The sustainable model of management in place is configured to allow for continued growth in enrolment, centres, programmes and coordination with the diverse sport clubs of the island.

New structure
The system relies on alignment between a directing manager and an administration encompassing coordinators of distinct sport clubs and schools. The latter, in turn, are responsible for overseeing the efforts of staff, trainers and monitors at each school. Periodic meetings take place to evaluate the schools' performance, analyse incidents and explore emerging needs.

Schools and students
Municipal sport schools made their début during the 2015/2016 school year with Formentera's official “Municipal Athletics School”, or EMAF, which boasted an initial enrolment of fifty pupils. The following summer saw a newly created school for tennis (EMTF) bring the total number of participants to 116. When in 2017/2018 an archery school (EMTIF) and sailing school (EMVF) were added to the list (the latter offering two hundred summertime courses), the total number of participants grew to 143.

The schools' administrative teams forecast enrolment to hit nearly four hundred in 2018/2019, not to mention the fifty additional courses that sailing school staff expect to offer as well. The Council's ongoing partnerships with local groups and sport clubs with educational centres are part and parcel of the administration's attempt to assist in the schools' operations and in their ability to take on specialised staff.

Municipal football school
Asked about forward growth in the municipal schools and the courses they offer, secretary of fitness Jordi Vidal pointed out that, as far as sport is concerned, football remains Formentera's favourite. According to Vidal, the island's club, SD Formentera, has fourteen teams of under 16-year-olds signed up to compete. As the secretary put it, “we understand the inherent difficulty of managing such a large structure, and we're looking at ways to help”. Vidal noted that in the Council's effort to promote the practice and learning of football in recent years, the administration has kept a pact whereby SD Formentera not only uses, but also agrees to maintain, the island's football facilities. The secretary touted his willingness to reach an agreement with the club to guarantee the continued progress of local football.

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