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Lina Roig, Compra a Casa’s August gift card winner

foto 2020 lina roig compra a casaThe Formentera Department of Commerce reports that a winner was announced today for the August iteration of a push to encourage islanders to support hometown business. This month’s winner and recipient of a €100 gift card is Lina Roig Escandell—a cardholding participant of Compra a Casa since 2018.

Organised by the Consell and the island’s small- and medium-sized business group, Pimef, ‘Compra a Casa a l’estiu’ (Shop Local in Summer) is a spin-off of Compra a Casa—the campaign that has become a regular feature of the the wintertime calendar, this time with even bigger prizes. Cardholders who spend €20 or more at participating establishments this September will be automatically entered to win a €100 gift card—twice the standard wintertime value.

4 September 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Appealing to business owners, Formentera urges quality service through summer’s end and longer season for local workers

foto 2020 es calo dronConsell de Formentera president and tourism chief Alejandra Ferrer asked owners of establishments catering to tourists for “responsibility and support by keeping businesses open as long as possible after August”. “With the help of a committed local business community we can demonstrate a capacity for keen management as a tourist destination and offer service to all those making the decision to visit Formentera even as the going gets tough”, the president put forward.

Businesses that extend operations further into the season will do their part by continuing to generate local jobs “and in doing so, help many islanders get through what is expected to be a difficult winter”, she said. Multiple levels of government are working to assist workers and entrepreneurs “in important issues like furloughs”, she indicated, and underscored that now those same workers and entrepreneurs must help too by showing solidarity.

“We know it’s a difficult season and we applaud the efforts of the tourism sector”, she said, adding that “work must continue as long as the bookings keep coming in September”. “We’ve been saying from the start that this summer isn’t about making money, but rather establishing Formentera as a tourist destination with shrewd management and quality service. Our efforts this year will have a direct bearing on the 2021 season”.

Courting travellers in the Balearics
The marketing division of the local tourism office is overseeing promotional campaigns within Spain, with special focus on the other islands in the archipelago. “Our neighbours across the Balearics were among Formentera’s first visitors when de-escalation measures began”, she said, “and if the public health situation permits, we hope they’ll be among the last to leave”. “The aim is to have Formentera in a position to give all our tourists with top-tier service from season’s start to season’s end”, she concluded.

25 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Coming to life in 2020 at an array of outdoor locations, Formentera’s runway show goes virtual

foto 2020 passarella Earlier today islanders were treated, courtesy of the Formentera Department of Commerce, to the first details about an event which health and safety concerns surrounding Covid-19 have forced into a new online format: the Passarel·la de la Moda. First vice-president and commerce chief Ana Juan and department staffer Amalia Mora shared the scoop on the runway show’s thirteenth year—a presentation including a promo video which found filmmakers visiting a host of Formentera settings with a crew of local companies and six professional models in tow.

“We didn’t want to deprive our hometown designers of this chance to share their designs”, said Consellera Juan, who described the aim of the virtual catwalk as “an ever-expanding promotion of local businesses and designers”.

According to Ms Mora, filming of the clip was “adapted to the island’s natural characteristics and set in backdrops of stunning natural beauty”. She also promised leading-edge jewellery, apparel, footwear and accessories in a format which Mora assured was designed to “support the creators themselves and promote locally crafted wares worn by locals”.

This year’s Passarel·la will see the participation of Equilibre & Tito Solaris, Ur Joies, Janne Bikinis, Michele Crocitto (Vesti l’Arte), Elena Hurtado&Lorenzo Pepe, Majoral, Macramé & Acho, Ishvara, Kavra de Formentera and Molly Malone. Consellera Juan applauded the work of the hair and style professionals at Aquario, the models who participated in the video, and the video’s director, Alfredo Montero. “Alfredo has managed to capture not just the essence of Formentera fashion, but the island’s natural beauty and treasures as well”, she quipped.

Crews produced both 2- and 12-minute versions of the clip, which will be shown at expos for fashion, tourism and television. The 2020 Passarel·la de la Mola will be broadcast in an array of international expos starting this September.

The organisers of this year’s Passarel·la had €20,713 to pay and find housing for models, produce the video, and cover hair and make-up costs.

Last year’s Passarel·la saw crowds of approximately 1,500 descend upon Sant Francesc to see jewellery, shoes and, above all, Formentera’s characteristic style. The assemblage of top-tier avant-guard creations was inspired in the natural spaces, sea, colours and life of Formentera—a Mediterranean lifestyle which has today become its own style of dress.

“We hope that next year’s Passarel·la returns to its customary format”, confided Consellera Juan. “What better proof that post-pandemic life on the island is back to normal?”

24 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Heritage signs posted at monuments and along running trail

foto 2020 senyal rutes 3The Formentera Department of Tourism reports that Es Campament, three wells (Pou Marès, Pou de ses Illetes and Pou des Verro), archaeological dig sites (Cap de Barbaria I and II, Ca na Costa and Can Blai), the churches in Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and La Mola, Sa Tanca Vella chapel, the old La Mola windmill and Es Pi des Català defense tower are among the local monuments and heritage sites to be equipped with informational displays.

Partially funded by the island’s Strategic Tourism Sectors via the Sustainable Tourism Levy (ITS), the project required an investment of €10,304 (sixty per cent from the Govern and forty per cent from the Consell de Formentera). The signs are in Catalan, Spanish and English and are geared towards, in the words of tourism marketing chief Carlos Bernús, “creating new experiences in nature, heritage, culture and sport for tourists, though islanders can enjoy them too”.

Fitness trail
Signs additionally demarcate a new running trail —Route One— on Camí des Brolls, including informational displays at the start and end. The 4.3km (one-way) trail is short and easy, and shares signs with the more difficult Route Two, which runs 10.9km.

Athletes can find their way by following little yellow runners placed along the edge of trails. The Strategic Tourism Sectors programme also contributed funding, with the Govern and Consell again splitting the remainder sixty-forty.

Since late May, birdwatchers on Camí des Brolls have also been greeted by signs as part of the same initiative. Work on the new trails took place in summer on account of emergency orders.

12 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

July’s Compra a Casa prize goes to a good cause

foto 2020 compra a casa estiuThe Formentera Department of Commerce reports that the July winner of the summer edition of Compra a Casa received his prize today, a €100 gift card he plans to regift to local NGO Formenterers Solidaris. Marco Carnevali has been a faithful user of his Compra a Casa card since 2016.

Hatched in an effort to promote local small business and reward shoppers for doing the same, the latest edition of Compra a Casa is backed not just by the Consell de Formentera but by the island’s small- and medium-sized business group, Pimef, as well. A typical feature of the winter calendar, in 2020 the initiative will take place in July, August and September with the same system and even bigger prizes. Compra a Casa cardholders who spend €20 or more at participating businesses will be entered in monthly drawings to win a gift card valued at €100 (twice the winter amount).

5 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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