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Formentera initiates residents and workers' barometers to spot problems and seek solutions

foto 2022 barometreThe Formentera Data Observatory, part of the Formentera Office of Tourism, is pleased to report on the launch of a mechanism to assess the experience of residents, workers and businesses. Alejandra Ferrer, Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism, described the aim of the surveys as "gauging the perception and opinion of people who live and work on Formentera, as well as entrepreneurs, to spot problems and, at the level of municipal government, seek possible solutions".

The surveys are available in Catalan and Spanish at observatorideformentera.cat and at the following links:

Barometer for residents and workers

Barometer for businesses

The Formentera Office of Citizen Participation has also sent surveys to associations, students, senior citizens and new islanders so that individuals who choose to do so may actively participate in the study in total anonymity. Surveys will also be sent to the Formentera Small- and Medium-Sized Business Group (PIMEF), Chamber of Commerce and Association of Formentera Hotels so that they can be forwarded on to local tradespeople.

The Data Observatory has also conducted direct surveys with commercial and service businesses, residents and workers.

The answers received to date confirm the distinct opinions and needs of each social group; these differences can also be seen based on where respondents live. The subsequent study and analysis will track the various social groups and places of residence. The same goes for commercial and service businesses, since each sector also has specific needs.

"We hope that survey conclusions will help us to make a better island for islanders and tourists alike", Ferrer stressed, who added that "this study is tuned for a brand of local development that is compatible with the environment and which enhances social measures".

Results will be obtained and conclusions drawn later this year.

7 March 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

COPT approves Formentera's Tourism Promotion Plan for 2022

foto 2022 COPTYesterday Alejandra Ferrer, Vice-President of the Consell de Formentera and Councillor of Tourism Promotion and Planning, and Carlos Bernús, Head of Promotion, participated in a new meeting of the Commission for Tourism Promotion and Planning (Comissió d'Ordenació i Promoció Turística, COPT). This commission is also made up of local tourism industry representatives like the Hotel Association of Formentera, the Chamber of Commerce, the Small- and Medium-Sized Business Group (PIMEF), Conferation of Business Groups in the Balearics (CAEB), travel agencies and political parties.

On 9 February the body met and presented the draft Tourism Promotion Plan for 2022, and yesterday they approved the document. Ferrer insisted that, as in recent years given COVID-19 and uncertainty around Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the document would be "flexible".

The Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism praised COPT representatives' "collaboration in drawing up this roadmap, which puts special emphasis on diversifying markets and products and on promoting the island in the pre- and post-season".

The document highlights two proposals for the regional and central administrations on promotion, quality and training, as well as proposals on specific promotional campaigns, events and activities to reinforce various products with a special focus on gastronomy, nature and sport.

This document also envisions plans for Formentera's participation in tourism fairs and promotional events and presentations in 2022. "This year most of the events will return to their usual spot on the calendar", said Ferrer, who asserted that, in general, "events will be at the beginning and end of the season to help boost employment during these months".

4 March 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Formentera prepares 2022 Tourism Promotion Plan

foto 2022 coptToday Alejandra Ferrer, Vice-President of the Consell de Formentera and Councillor of Tourism Promotion and Planning, and Carlos Bernús, Chief of Promotion, took part in the Commission for Tourism Promotion and Planning (Comissió d'Ordenació i Promoció Turística, COPT). This commission also includes representatives of the local tourism industry, like the Formentera Hotel Association, Chamber of Commerce, the local small- and medium-sized business group (PIMEF), Confederation of Balearic Business Groups (CAEB), travel agencies and representatives of political parties.

At the meeting, attendees sat for a presentation of the draft 2022 Tourism Promotion Plan and struck consensus about its contour and content. Over the next two weeks, proposals will be solicited from the industry, with COPT members reconvening afterwards to approve them.

Attendees also discussed COVID-19 and its likely impact on the tourist season and analysed the main issues that arose during summer 2021. Now, the committee will work on shaping a proposal for measures at varying levels of government to safeguard public health and the proper functioning of local businesses and services. These reflections will be incorporated into the 2022 Tourism Promotion Plan.

The Vice-President and Councillor of Tourism welcomed COPT members' collaboration in "crafting previsions and proposals for next summer, which will be flexible enough to adapt to the unfolding pandemic. It is important we use our experience from the last two years, and identify the issues so we can avoid them".

Industry representatives expressed warm feelings about the 2022 season, which they expect to start earlier than in 2021: between Easter and early May. Ferrer and Bernús also pointed to a recovery in advance bookings, a spike in bookings from Italian travellers, and generally high interest in Formentera as a destination.

Tourism barometer

Ferrer additionally presented findings from the tourism barometer and asked industry reps to work together to improve the visitor satisfaction and service quality. "The Formentera Office of Tourism will work with a manual of good practices geared toward our local tourism sector. There will also be talks to train incoming staff to spread knowledge about the history, heritage and gastronomy of Formentera, as well as insight about what's on and what's out there", she said.

Attendees also discussed efforts this winter and this year to draw visitors from mainland Spain and abroad, as well as Consell-backed programming in the early and late season. The Discover Formentera in May and Discover Formentera in October pushes will also be reactivated.

9 February 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

Meeting with general director on tourism act

foto 2022 reunio llei turistica AAna Juan, President of the Consell de Formentera, and Alejandra Ferrer, Vice President and Councillor of Tourism, met this morning with Rosana Morillo, Director General of the tourism division of regional government to discuss modifying the tourism act of the Balearic Islands. Later the three sat down with representatives of the island's small- and medium-sized business association (PIMEF), Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association of Formentera to discuss the same issue.

President Juan had good things to say about the gathering focused on changes to the Balearic Islands' tourism act. "We hope there will be dialogue and consensus and we hope Formentera's particularities will be taken into account, especially in the hotel sector, since most of our accommodations are small family establishments that will need the extra help and involvement of the Administration to guarantee that the legislation's implementation comes with safeguards and that the islands become a pioneering tourist destination", said Juan.

Councillor Ferrer explained that in the weeks ahead this first working meeting would see meetings of a more technical nature as well as other gatherings involving members of the island's tourism sector "to find out what specific needs should be reflected in the legislation".

"We think the end-game of this act is positive, but legislation needs consensus and participation from both the business community and local government so we can guarantee compliance and every one of us work towards the circular and sustainable tourism that we want", emphasised Ferrer. Announcements were also made about specific local issues requiring attention like urban planning exemptions, which should be addressed within the Tourism Planning Commission, "because Formentera has a very specific territorial configuration, with many different types of protection that must be taken into account and assessed individually," she said. Meeting attendees also requested help for business owners: self-assessment plans could be created, and support could be offered around the plan on circularity. Subsidies were also suggested, as well as strategies to promote involvement and quality work.

1 February 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

With 3 final new hires, Consell de Formentera concludes SOIB Reactiva programme

foto 2022 soib reactiva ultim tornThe Formentera Office of Entrepreneurship has concluded its participation in the SOIB Reactiva 2021 programme with the last three hires. All told, 12 jobless islanders received six-month contracts as part of the programme, which aims to "boost employment on Formentera and incorporate people into the jobs market, particularly young people and individuals facing long-term unemployment", stressed Ana Juan, President of the Consell and Councillor of Entrepreneurship.

To fund the recruitment programme, Formentera receives €107,414.45 from the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands (Servei d'Ocupació de les Illes Balears, SOIB).

Since the start of SOIB Reactiva positions have been made available for three administrative assistants; two multi-purpose operators under 30 years of age and registered in the National Youth Guarantee System (Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil); three long-term unemployed cleaners over 30 years of age; two information assistants; and one cleaner and one maintenance operator over 30 years of age.

The SOIB's Reactiva programme is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Sectorial Conference.

31 January 2022
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera

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