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Black Friday on Formentera

Black friday cartell v4The Formentera Council's Office of Trade, in association with the small and medium-sized business association of the Pityuses, or PIMEF, announces that this Friday, November 24, is “Black Friday on Formentera,” part of the buy-local campaign Compra a Casa. Under the initiative, purchases €15 and up at participating businesses will qualify shoppers to win a €50 gift card. The winner will be announced next week.

To date 33 businesses have signed on to the initiative. Since the programme's December 2017 launch, 1,060 local shoppers have received Compra a Casa loyalty cards.

Formentera takes quest for green tourism to London

Wtm foto grup 2017The World Travel Market, England's largest travel trade show, began its three-day run today. As the expo cranks into gear, tourism secretary Alejandra Ferrer and the chief of the island's board of tourism, Carlos Bernús, will be on hand to represent and promote the island to London travellers.

Aside from a presence at the Balearic Islands' stand, where tourism students from UIB have been enlisted to speak to expo attendees, Formentera shares a stand with Menorca and Mallorca that sits opposite the fair's central hall, a location that Councillor Ferrer assured had “great visibility”.

Sustainable strategy
According to Ferrer, for the islands' designated day tomorrow, a presentation before representatives of at least 15 media outlets will focus on individual islands' “sustainability strategies”. She said they planned to take stock of the Save Posidonia Project and “talk about our ambition for increasingly earth-conscious tourism. Like we always say, it's about quality, not quantity”.

At the same time, the Formentera reps are sitting down with travel agencies, tour operators and public relations firms to plot out communications and marketing strategies for their UK markets. Forecasting a handover of tourism promotions authority “in the next few months,” Ferrer described the Council's plan as “getting to work winning back our British travellers, particularly with the good connections that Eivissa has in the off-season and through winter”. The Council, she said, hopes to pander to Brits by promoting the array of activities on the island “that don't involve sun and beaches,” like birdwatching, gastronomy, sport and culture.

The Formentera agents are reaching out to specialised firms and media outlets to sniff out more diverse fairs. Looking ahead to the transfer of authority on travel promotions to Formentera, the island, said Ferrer, is scouting for tourists interested in “typically low-season activities”.

Sneak peek at small business group's training courses

Foto presentacio pimefAt 11.30am this morning in the hall of ceremonies of Formentera Council's central office, the small and medium-sized business association of Eivissa and Formentera, or PIMEF, hosted a presentation on a series of training courses soon to be offered by the group. Pep Mayans and Lidia Álvarez, PIMEF's chairman and director, were joined at the event by Alejandra Ferrer, trade secretary for the Formentera Council, which is partnering with PIMEF to put on the training.

Eight courses, offered at PIMEF's office from October 24 to November 6 and subsidised by the Formentera Council, are free and open to the public. The classes are part of a partnership between PIMEF and the Council on business training and consulting.

24/10    Assistència sanitària immediata (“First-response patient care”). 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Pimef office
26/10    Parlar de convèncer (“Talk about conviction”). Coach Brigitte Bobet. 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Pimef office
31/10    Control i aprofitament de matèries primeres en cuina (“Tracking and maximising products in the kitchen”). 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Pimef office
2/11    Disseny d'ofertes gastronòmiques (“Designing a gastro experience”). 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Pimef office
6/11    Higiene Postural en perruqueria i estètica (“Good posture for beauty specialists”). 5.00pm to 9.00pm. Pimef Office
9/11    Burnout. Pràctiques MINDFULNESS per l'estrès laboral (“Using mindfulness to tackle work-related stress”). 4.30pm to 8.30pm. Pimef office
14/11    Community Manager. 4.00pm to 8.00pm. Pimef Office
16/11    Aparadorisme (“Window dressing”). 4.00pm to 8.00pm. Pimef office

To register, contact the Pimef by phone at 971322520 or send an email to info@pimef.es.

Formentera's craft workers receive accreditation

Foto entrega diplomes artesansEarlier today, Jaume Ferrer and Alejandra Ferrer, the president and trade secretary of the Formentera Council, presented six local artisans with accreditation as artisans and one as master artisan.

As the secretary pointed out, currently, there are 80 individuals on the island with cards certifying them to work as artisans. Secretary Ferrer says that makes for better markets and puts craftspeople in a position to display and sell their work locally.

The “Artisan Card” (Carta Artesana) authorises its holder to vend in craft markets and attend specialist industry events. The “Master Artisan Card” (Carta de Mestre Artesà) certifies its holder has a minimum of ten years' experience in his or her speciality and is capable of offering classes on the subject.

Javier Álvarez de Lara received the Master Artisan Card as a specialist in dry-stone walls. Carolina Yuste and Mónica López received their Artisan Cards specialising in object decoration. Alba Maria Álbarez is now accredited to produce her handmade cloth dolls, or pepes, and Miguel Morey is qualified as a fine carpenter. Helena Maria Amaral and Maria Isabel Escandell obtained the Artisan Card too, the former as a leatherworker and the latter as a coppersmith.

Spain's Red Eléctrica adopts 6,000-sq.-m. stretch of posidonia meadows

Posidonia oceana-juan cuetosRed Eléctrica de España, which operates the country's electricity grid, has agreed to adopt 6,000 square metres (m2) of posidonia meadows, part of the Formentera Council-backed Save Posidonia Project. With their €6,000 donation, Red Eléctrica lend support to an initiative designed to fund posidonia conservation projects.

Tourism secretary Alejandra Ferrer applauded Red Eléctrica for helping the Council on a project originally created by the administration to highlight the year of sustainable tourism. The goal, said Ferrer, is to bring the message of sustainability across to tourists and residents to ensure that future generations can continue enjoying our island.

Sponsored so far: 89,349m2
Red Eléctrica's contribution brings the current total of protected posidonia meadows to over eighty-nine thousand square metres. Donations received from private citizens and businesses to November 1 will go to benefit projects designed to protect posidonia. Visit https://www.saveposidoniaproject.org/es/ to adopt one square metre for one euro.

Representatives of the company say that preserving posidonia is part of a broader commitment to sustainability, fighting climate change and promoting biodiversity. The operators of Spain's power grid and sole administrators of the country's transport network hold up their operations developing and servicing underwater power cables as a model to follow in protecting the plant, which is native to the Mediterranean and immensely important to the local ecosystem.

Together with IMEDEA, Red Eléctrica spearheaded a push to safeguard the underwater plant posidonia oceanica with a cutting-edge strategy to collect and sow posidonia seeds and cuttings in an effort to rehabilitate damaged meadows. The project ran from 2014 to 2016 in the bays of Santa Ponça on Mallorca and Talamanca on Eivissa and ultimately led researchers to determine the technical and financially viability of such efforts.

Company representatives said a partnership with the Govern balear's ministry of environment was behind the recent printing of thirty thousand pamphlets. The educational material is intended to raise awareness about proper anchorage and prevent damage to seagrass meadows or undersea power lines.

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