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Day Centre reopens Monday 15 February

The Formentera Social Welfare Department reports that the Formentera Day Centre (Centre de Dia) will resume activities Monday 15 February with enhanced tier 4 safety regulations in place.

The public health situation forced the island’s care facility for adults to shutter on 4 January. It will reopen Monday now that all attendees and staff have been vaccinated and the mandatory 10- to 15-day wait period has elapsed after second-round jabs were administered on 5 February.

In the interim, targetted care has been available by appointment. Twenty-five of 33 beneficiaries will return on Monday; the remaining eight have opted to stay home.

The full range of recommended safety measures will be observed, with islanders subject to strict checks of hand-washing, body temperature, masks and social distancing. PPE is provided at the centre.

11 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Second instalment of ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’

cartell 2021 ara mes 1Out now, the second instalment of ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’ (Ara més que mai, cuidem les nostres emocions) features Elena Lisbona, a nurse and Formentera resident of 17 years with a message that, in trying times such as these, no one should miss. 10 February also marks the release of two new posters from the same ‘Now more than ever’ campaign. The first encourages islanders to take advantage of Formentera’s wealth of outdoor spaces, while the second posits the power of keeping in touch with loved ones through phone calls or online communication.

The materials mark an effort by the Consell de Formentera to drive home an essential message: positive thinking is crucial to emotional wellness, whether it’s our own or that of those around us. With activities often limited in these times of pandemic, ‘Now more than ever’ focuses attention on those activities still available to us.

The clip can be viewed on the Consell de Formentera YouTube page.

Next week will come with the campaign’s third instalment. ‘Now more than ever, practice emotional self-care’ is chiefly promoted via social media and email.

10 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

Belén Alvite tackles the teenage years in latest ‘xerrada’

cartell 2021 xerrades iiThis Thursday 11 February from 5.00pm, visitors to the Consell de Formentera’s Facebook page can tune in to Belén Alvite’s presentation of ‘Adolescence: time that matters’. The most recent contributor to the Formentera Social Welfare Department’s ‘Xerrades per a famílies’ (Family Chats), Alvite is also an educator and the director of the Centre for the Study and Prevention of Addictive Behaviour (Cepca).

The talk will include advice for parents, and Alvite asserts she’ll be speaking not only as a professional but also as the mother of two teenage boys. “Sometimes the task of raising, caring for and understanding children feels overwhelming”, she asserts, “and it’s a feeling that’s magnified by increasingly complex times such as these”.

8 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

In rural corners of the island, Consell and Civil Guard step up support for vulnerable

foto 2021 persones vulnerablesThe Consell de Formentera announces that March will come with a new support service for vulnerable individuals, the elderly, dependent persons and female victims of gender violence who live in remote corners of Formentera. Officers on the Civil Guard’s ROCA team will be charged with making periodic home-visits to islanders who requested the service and registered consent with Formentera Social Welfare Department.

The programme featured in discussion earlier in the week when deputy premiere and elderly department chief Ana Juan met with FSWD chair Rafael Ramírez, interior chief Josep Marí, and Captain Francisco Javier López Sacido and Lieutenant Andrés García Valle of the Civil Guard.

Islanders taking part in the programme will continue receiving telephone check-ins from Consell staff in addition to the visits from the Civil Guard. “It’s about making our over-65s feel safer”, insisted Ramírez, who said help from FSWD and the local interior department were also crucial parts of the equation: the former shares its register of vulnerable islanders, and latter provides relevant GPS coordinates so law enforcement officers can locate programme participants. Ramírez praised the Civil Guard’s collaboration, asserting it “brings local government that much closer to islanders”. Captain López, for his part, described ongoing cooperation between the Consell and Civil Guard as “magnificent”.

Participants can expect frequent visits during Civil Guard officers’ once-monthly weeklong stays on Formentera, which are scheduled to start in March. Officers will take advantage of visits to share safety tips as well, like details about the Spanish interior ministry’s AlertCops app to report emergencies quickly and easily. The Civil Guard’s ROCA team is specifically tasked with promoting safety in rural areas.

Throughout February, the Consell’s family specialists who have carried out the telephone check-ins till now will be making a list of islanders keen to participate.

The telephone support service of the Consell de Formentera is for over-65 islanders not otherwise receiving FSWD services. It began in March amid stay-at-home orders and resumed in December.

6 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

‘Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care’ campaign offers islanders positive messages

cartell 2021 emo 3Approximately one year into the pandemic, the Consell de Formentera’s new communications push, “Now more than ever, practise emotional self-care”, strives to send islanders positive messages in the form of posters and videos disseminated mostly across social media.

A range of general tips are spotlighted in the campaign’s central poster, which is set for release today along with two more specific messages: the first encourages islanders to exercise and take walks and the second highlights the positive affects of time spent with pets. Other targeted posters to follow will centre on wide-ranging topics such as enjoying the outdoors, maintaining oneself occupied with hobbies, keeping touch with loved ones and following a healthy diet.

Accompanying videos directed by Alfredo Montero and starring regular islanders show the reality of the ongoing situation while holding out messages of encouragement and turning a light on the bright side of things, and of living on an island like Formentera. The first video features one of the biggest names in Formentera sport: Juanjo Escandell.

In recent times many people have felt or are feeling blue, something local premiere Alejandra Ferrer describes as “totally natural given the sustained period of uncertainty that’s turned our world upside down”. “The present campaign is about the power of positive thinking”, she added.

One of the campaign’s crucial points, according to Ferrer, is that not everyone is spending the pandemic in a place where open spaces abound and crowds are minimal. “We also wanted to stress the importance of maintaining social contact”, continued the president, “even if it’s with a mobile phone, or on the computer.” Other key sources of relief by Ferrer’s lights are books, a healthy diet and music. “Essentially we want islanders to be thinking about emotional self-care and thinking positively, because the net impact on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us is positive.” Another crucial message to bear in mind? “We have, through collective sacrifice, overcome hardship again and again throughout history. This time will be no different.”

Click here to see the first video.

3 February 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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