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Construction of Formentera's nursing home begins

foto-primera-pedra-reside--nci1CiF president Jaume Ferrer was joined today by Andreu Horrach, the Govern balear's director of planning and social services, and Vanessa Parellada, who is Formentera's councillor of social welfare, in placing the first stone of the assisted living residence for the aged. The residència's twelve-month build will cost €2.1 million and starts this week.

With 14 single and two double rooms, the facility will be able to accommodate 18 dependent individuals. Plans include a hallway connecting the building with the Centre de Dia, a measure which is intended to facilitate sharing of staff and resources (kitchens, laundry rooms and physiotherapy services, for instance) that are already available at the dependent care facility.

Public health network
President Ferrer also indicated the option is on the table for the residència's future expansion. The new facility “rounds out Formentera's public health network”, said Ferrer, referring to something that “first began to take shape in 2007 with the opening of the local hospital and continued four years later with the completion of the Centre de Dia”. Ferrer said the impulse would continue with the forthcoming start of operations at the local funeral home, and, after that, the seniors' nursing home.

Andreu Horrach, for his part, said the facility represents “a consolidation of services for dependent islanders” and predicted that, in roughly a year, such individuals would “no longer be forced to travel to other islands to receive care”. Horrach called the project “a good example of inter-administration cooperation” and said the process meant “adapting services to local needs, and using resources already available”.

The Palma administration will foot 70 per cent of construction costs and the CiF will pick up 30 per cent. Once the new facility is operational, the Govern will also pay for part of operation costs on a per-person, per-day basis, and the Council will cover the rest. The day's gathering was also attended by diputada Sílvia Tur and councillors from the CiF cabinet and opposition parties.

Month-long activities programme in celebration of International Women's Day on Formentera

foto-presentacio---dia-de-la-d1Social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada sat down this morning at 10.30am with department specialist Azuzena Carrasco and Espai Dones chairwoman Dolores Fernández Tamargo to unveil the activities programme for International Women's Day on Formentera.

Parellada and the Espai Dones chair launched a special call for islanders to come out for the Friday march 8 gathering to mark the day in Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució.

March 8
A whole series of activities and events are lined up to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8. From 10.00am Espai Dones representatives will meet in Constitució square to make and invite others to join them in making posters for the demonstration that will take place afterwards. At an informational stand from 11.00am islanders will be able to see texts of experiences re-enacted for the stage, and later, Bloco Colubraria will lead a batucada drum circle.

A 12-noon rendezvous, scheduled in honour of International Women's Day and the women participating in the “feminist strike”, will be followed by a reading of the day's manifesto. Afterwards the floor will be opened up so people can share with the crowd their reasons for attending the demonstration.

The day's programme will wind down in the evening with a 9.30pm screening of Petra Bioudina Volpe's El orden divino in the cinema.

Activities marking the special day will run through the month. In fact, they start Monday March 4 with the 7.30pm opening of Natalia Lisinicchia's exhibit TACTO in the administration's Sala d'Exposicions (Ajuntament Vell).

At 7.00pm on Thursday March 7 islanders across the Balearics can catch a simultaneous screening of a documentary. The IBDona-produced Llavors de futur. Un homenatge al feminisme de les Illes Balears will début at the cinema (Sala de Cultura).

The programme continues with the “Woman's Charity Race” (Cursa Solidària per a la Dona) from 11.00am on Saturday March 9. Money raised will go to benefit the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer. Signups are being held at the front counter of the fitness centre.

More film screenings and a storytelling session at the Casal de Joves are also on the bill of activities, not to mention a presentation of the magazine “Visions” that will be followed by a discussion.

Tribute to the Elderly Woman
Among all the events in store, one of the most closely watched will take place at 12 noon on Sunday March 31 in the Council's Sala de Plens, adjacent to the Centre de Dia. It is the XI Homenatge a la Dona Gran (“Eleventh Tribute to the Elderly Woman”) of Formentera. In April, there will also be a self-defence workshop for women.

Councillor Parellada reminded islanders that www.reaccionem.com features a link where people can sign the pact to end gender violence. She also saluted Espai Dones for putting together a programme of activities that is in constant expansion and reaches an increasingly diverse audience, something she said is “key to making sure this struggle affects every one of us”.

Family discussion about healthy eating

xerrada-nutricio---1-The Formentera Council's social welfare office reports that tomorrow, Thursday February 21, 6.00pm in the Centre de Dia, dietician and nutritionist Lydia Micó will lead a talk on planning a healthy diet. The evening is part of the activities programme of the department's “Family Support Group” (Grup de Suport Familiar).

Department head Vanessa Parellada says the training session strives to “help parents plan a healthier diet for whole family”. Participants will get an initial overview of the basic pillars of healthy eating before planning their own individual weekly meal plans with support from a professional, and, at the end, take part in a colloquium.

As with the previous Family Support Group gathering, childcare will be available on site for parents who wish to take part but lack alternatives.

Catalina Torres Ferrer celebrates hundredth year on Formentera

catalina-torres-ferrer1Social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada has paid a visit to Catalina Torres Ferrer, a full-fledged centenarian and Formentera native. Parellada brought her a bouquet of flowers and joined the birthday celebration at Torres' home in ses Bardetes.

“Formentera is lucky”, the councillor affirmed after the party, “to one side we've got centenary individuals full of drive to live, learn and teach, and to the other we've got their loved ones—full of drive to follow them as they go”. Parellada marvelled at “all the stories hidden in Torres' eyes” and expressed hope that “we'd be hearing about them for years and years to come”.

Yesterday evening family and close friends celebrated the hundred-year birthday of na Catalina, who was born on February 18, 1919 to miller Juan Torres and na Francisca Ferrer (she was the second of four children). Revellers indulged in glosa poetry, orelletes pastries and hot chocolate.

Registration open for islanders keen to train as home caregivers

The Formentera Council's social welfare department reports that the dependent care facility (Centre de Dia) will be the site of the eighth edition of the Tramuntana course on at-home attention.

Candidates must be at least 30 years old and currently unemployed not to mention have completed basic secondary education. Enrolment, open until February 27, can be processed in person at the local job-seekers' bureau (SOIB) or at the following link: https://soib.es/seleccions-programa-soib-30-formacio-i-ocupacio/

Those contracted will receive paid training from March 15-December 14 and be placed in positions on the Council's home assistance service. Eight positions are available and courses will take place from 8.00am to 3.00pm.

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