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Notary oversees drawing to select runners in 12th Formentera Half-Marathon and 8K fun run

foto 2019 mini maratoFormentera’s department of sport reports that a drawing to determine participants in the 12th Half-Marathon and 8K Run on 16 May 2020 was overseen today by island notary Javier González Granado.

Councillor of sport Paula Ferrer highlighted the 5,623 runners who had signed up for a chance to compete, and said she was thrilled to the runs becoming “big-name events on the national calendar of popular sporting events”, conceding: “It’s a sign we’re doing things right”.

A randomised drawing determined which participants would fill 2,200 spots in the Formentera Mitja Marató and half that number in the 8K Cursa. Half-Marathon runners with numbers from 1,117 to 3,316 (both inclusive) were selected from the randomly generated figure of 1,117. For the 8K run, counting up from the random figure 9,657 gave organisers a slice that cut all the way to the end of the list (9,979) and picked up the next 777 names from 8,001.

Runners must confirm participation between 20 December and 13 January. Should spots remain unclaimed at the end of that period, organisers will pick up from where both of the original drawings left off in order to determine additional participants. An initial redrawing is tentatively scheduled from 15-20 January, a second from the 22nd to 27th, and a third from 29 January to 3 February.

18 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Ferry companies to offer early-bird and evening connection with Eivissa

foto-rp-marcpons-alejandraferr1Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer held a press conference today in Palma with two Balearic government officials—Marc Pons, head of the mobility and housing ministry, and Xavier Ramis, director general of the ports and airports section—to announce a deal to assure ferry service to Eivissa first thing in the morning, and back again late in the evening.

Baleària will offer 6.00am service to Eivissa from Monday to Friday, and Transmapi pledges to maintain the 10.30pm return passage every day of the week. Mr Pons indicated the service would begin no later than 1 March and, in order to expedite the service rollout, that it wouldn’t be put to public tender.

The Consell de Formentera president highlighted the collaboration with the Govern balear that had gone into securing a connection so crucial for Formentera residents. “For many islanders who travel to Eivissa to study, these passages mean no longer having to move. For people with a loved one in the hospital, it means longer visiting hours. It means that everyone can make the first and last flights off Eivissa. And these are just some of the quality of life improvements it represents for everyday residents”.

Ferrer also insisted that, at the local government level, efforts would continue to focus on including minimum ferry service and fixed passage times in recent regulation known as the “Maritime Transport Decree” (decret de Transport Marítim). “We’d like to see a set number of daily journeys, not only to make sure this is a service islanders can count on, but also to guarantee—since these ships are sailing through the natural reserve—that the service is environmentally sustainable”. She concluded by highlighting “the good the ferry companies had come to the table with in order to work out a deal”.

18 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Court upholds panel system used by Consell de Formentera to vet temp hires

Holding the suit “lacked any legal basis”, Palma's number three court for contentious administrative proceedings threw out a case filed in 2018 by Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT, General Workers' Union) regarding the selection process that the Consell de Formentera uses to vet non-permanent employees.

The ruling by Judge Pedro Antonio Mas Cladera upholds the Formentera government's temporary staff selection process, which it qualified as “reactive, in tune with the principles of the constitution and adapted to local needs”.

In response to a series of claims alleged over the last two years by UGT, the court ruled out any question of irregularities, confirming that the Formentera government’s procedure for selecting staff is “perfectly legal”.

The plaintiffs had taken issue with two procedures in particular employed in the selection of new personnel, although the ruling is generally applicable to all employee contracts with comparable terms signed over the previous legislative term.

UGT had argued that rules for career public servants should apply to temporary hires as well, which would have meant selection panels must be staffed exclusively by career public servants.

The Consell's legal service warned of grave consequences had the plaintiffs' suit proved successful, since the scarcity of career public servants would have made Formentera dependent on other islands to fill employee selection panels. That would mean losing autonomy, added travel costs and further obstacles to finding staff familiar with the particularities of Formentera and local government.

The magistrate conceded the uniqueness of Formentera's situation and that a firm grasp of its particularities was crucial, asserting that “this specific configuration of hiring panels is a function of time constraints inherent to the hiring process and the short supply of career civil servants”.

12 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Govern allocates €3.6m in 2020 budget for Sant Ferran school

reunio---pressupostosjp1Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer and councillor of economy and the tax office, Bartomeu Escandell, sat down at local government headquarters today with Rosario Sánchez and Joan Ignasi Morey, the heads of the Balearic tax office and budgets section, respectively, to get a look at Formentera’s place in the regional government’s latest spending plans. The meeting was also attended by local vice-presidents Ana Juan and Rafael Ramírez.

Investing in Formentera
Investment in educational infrastructure is one of the budget’s standout features, including the €3.6-million projected completion of work on the new Sant Ferran school. Nearly half a million euros (€470K) are earmarked for ongoing construction of an 18-bed residence for the elderly.

In healthcare, crews are wrapping up construction so the Eivissa and Formentera health department can stay on track for the 2020 rollout of a haemodynamics service. In mobility, the €180K installation of technology in new buses required to standardise highway transport fares across the archipelago is also on the horizon.

President Ferrer was positive about the Govern’s 2020 budgetary scheme for Formentera. “In general, the budgets bode stability and balance in the years ahead”, she said. Ferrer highlighted “vital local investment like the Sant Ferran school or the completion of work on the senior assisted living centre”.

Environment and energy efficiency
The president also underscored the importance of other investment. In environment there will be €364,950 for maintenance on the local water purification plant; a €400K remodel of the third line of production at the desalination plant; €228,750 for efforts by the healthy forests network, like pest control and spread prevention, to tackle the pine processionary.

The budget also includes line items to improve energy efficiency, like €120K in subsidised investment to promote renewable energies and energy self-sufficiency in the public administrations

Agriculture, fishing & food
To make the agrifood industry more dynamic, a quarter of a million euros has been set aside for upkeep of irrigation ponds. A half a million for the Eivissa and Formentera LEADER programme. Ninety-four thousand euros for desalination upgrades at the Formentera irrigation pond. Patrols of the marine reserves.

Culture and patrimony
The budgets also include €120K in funding for the planned Formentera Museum and Cultural Centre Foundation.
In total, the budget includes €17.53m for Formentera, €6.73m in investment from Balearic ministries and various public-sector businesses and bodies of the regional government. Half of the total budget —€8.77m— is funding from the Balearic government to Formentera.

Speaking generally, Balearic minister Sánchez called the budget “socially and financially responsible”. The plans reflect not only a consolidation of funding for social policies, but expansion, too. At €3.09 million, such policies account for 70.5% of the non-financial spending in 2020. Plus, public investment has held steady, as do efforts to control and stabilise public debt.

11 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Alejandra Ferrer calls for environment and social policies to be at centre of work of administrations

cursa-constitucio--pj1Earlier today at the head offices of the Consell de Formentera, President Alejandra Ferrer spoke to islanders gathered for the 41st anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.

Ferrer highlighted progress and growing participation among islanders, saying they “want to be a part of the political decision-making process on their island. Young people, too, want to be part of it”. She described a future that was “sustainable, where the rights of the child are paramount, where parents can balance work and family, but above all, a future where our children have the chance to enjoy the planet as we’ve been able to”, reasoning: “This is why environmental and social policies must anchor efforts at every level of government”.

Dedicated senator
Underscoring the current need for certain constitutional reforms, Ferrer held up one move in particular which she described as “vital” for Formentera: “the modification of article 69.3, recognising Formentera residents’ right to elect their own senator”. That petition, part of a long-standing appeal, was put before the Spanish congress on 2 November 2018. As Ferrer pointed out, however, the request has been held up since the start of the current legislative term. “So it’s time to make our voices heard about this most basic of rights”, she said, calling such a change “a new stage in the evolution of Formentera’s autonomy, and one that will put an end to uneven national representation between the islands”.

Ferrer closed by insisting that Formentera in particular, and the entire Balearic region in general, “is waiting for recognition of and compensation for our circumstances as an island society”. She called for “a coordinated and efficient effort to meet our diverse needs while respecting the framework of rights and freedoms like the one we celebrate today”, she said.

Musical performance
At the event’s close, Clara Escandell and Jaume Ramírez, two students in the workshop on traditional music at the Formentera School of Music and Dance, performed the songs “Sa Curta”, “Sa Calera” and “Pàgines Enrere”.

6 December 2019
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

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