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Council starts handing out keys to postbox holders in Sant Ferran

The Formentera Council reports that islanders who requested a postbox through the new mail pickup service in Sant Ferran (carrer Mallorca, 15) can now pick up their keys at the Sant Ferran location or the Citizen Information Office (OAC).

Forty-eight requests came in from islanders residing in remote areas of Sant Ferran, la Savina and es Caló; they will now receive mail at the new post office location. Anyone interested in obtaining a postbox, whether in Sant Ferran, es Cap or la Mola, can fill out the request form (instància genèrica) at the OAC, or online on the OVAC.

26 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Roof repairs in store for municipal pool

piscina-municipal1The Formentera Council infrastructure department reports that the municipal pool will be closed from 15 to 30 June, inclusive. Over the two week period, crews will carry out reforms and maintenance which are valued at €19,727 and necessary to the proper functioning of the pool.

First on crews' to-do list are repairs of the roof, to be handled by an outside firm for €15,167. The company will also check fixing rods in air conditioning pipes for €1,300. A construction firm will be brought in to waterproof the compensation vessels of the small pool for €3,261. All prices include the value added tax.

The Council's in-house work brigade, or Brigada, will oversee work as well, including repairs to damaged tiles, rust removal and checking joints on the large and small pools.

11 June 2019
Office of Communication
Formentera Council

Upgrades on Sant Ferran thoroughfare

obres-sant-ferran1This Wednesday and Thursday crews will asphalt Sant Ferran's avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch.

The Formentera Council's infrastructure office reports that asphalt will be laid on avinguda (avenue) Joan Castelló i Guasch in Sant Ferran in the morning and afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, April 24-25.

Traffic will be regulated during construction. Even still, CiF infrastructure chief Rafael González asked motorists for patience for any slow-down that might occur during the work, which he called “crucial to wrapping up construction”.

April 23, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Council announces openings to bolster vehicle regulation and other summer services

foto consell premsaThe Formentera Council's human resources department reports that islanders keen to add muscle to Formentera's fledgeling vehicle regulation service and nautical sports centre (known as CENF for Centre d'Esports Nàutics de Formentera) will get their chance in a few days.

In an effort to maximise the apparatus that will be charged with tracking the vehicles that enter, circulate and park on the island, the administration wants to enhance the current three-person team by adding a university degree-holding project operative. The individual selected for the position will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day progress of the project as well as coordination with organisations and businesses affected by the measure. The Council will also seek to charge a technical specialist with coordination of the project's database and an administrative assistant to stay on top of new registrations.

The administration is additionally looking for an individual with an advanced degree and knowledge of sailing to work within the soon-to-be opened CENF in la Savina, not to mention an IT specialist with an advanced degree in this area.

Descriptions of the positions will be published in the coming days—CiF officials say before Easter—to the public sector section of the SOIB, the job seekers' service in the Balearics. The application process is digitised and can be completed online.

New pool of candidates

In preparation for the summer season, between Easter and May the Formentera Council will build a pool of representatives to meet staffing needs at la Mola lighthouse, CENF and the island's “Tourism Info Sites” (Oficines d'Informació Turística), in addition to a catalogue of pre-screened blue zone parking attendants, inspectors, summer school staff and cleaning personnel.

April 4, 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Formentera Council

Obstacles to accessibility removed at 10 Sant Francesc crosswalks

foto-pas-de-vianants-sant-fran1The Formentera Council infrastructure office reports that construction features making access difficult or impossible—also known as “architectural barriers”—were taken out at 10 pedestrian crosswalks around Sant Francesc. Infrastructure and mobility councillor Rafael González gave account of the changes today, seven of which happened along avinguda 8 d'agost, two on carrer Sa Senieta and one on Pla del Rei.

González said picks of the crosswalks to be upgraded responded to requests by islanders with reduced mobility and the €32,468 (VAT included), one-month project was included in December's “Sustainable Mobility Plan” (Pla de Mobilitat Sostenible).

Fourth push of term
The councillor said it has been the fourth operation to erase hurdles to mobility in the last three years. The first time, local associations requested and fast-tracked the upgrades as part of the island's “participatory spending” initiative. The second aimed to improve access to schools, and the third was performed on the pavements and entrances at la Savina's Illes Pitiüses park.

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