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Pedestrian area in Sant Ferran gets upgrades

Foto c majorThe Formentera Council's Office of Infrastructure and Mobility reports that from Friday, February 16, work crews will perform maintenance in the pedestrian area of Sant Ferran.

Upgrades, which involve repairs of shabby pavement, replacement of crummy street furniture and checks for faulty lighting, will also entail new pavement in front of the Sant Ferran church.

The work will cost €45,000 plus VAT and will be carried out alongside nearby upgrades currently under way at carrers València and Guillem de Montgrí. Both projects are expected to be finished by Easter.

Partial closures of avinguda Isidor Macabich in bid to rig ses Bardetes for fibre optics

Foto tall macabichThe Formentera Council's mobility office reports that from tomorrow, Friday February 15, road work at the crossing of avinguda Isidor Macabich and avinguda Vuit d'Agost, part of an effort to furnish ses Bardetes with high-speed internet connections, means drivers travelling on the first of the two avenues will face intermittent restrictions once schools let out for the weekend.

Rafael González, chief of the department, warned the upgrades would translate into extra noise for residents of the area. “We sincerely apologise, but this work is key to getting ses Bardetes high-speed connections before year end”.

Traffic control measures
The upgrades will require traffic on the avenue named for Isidor Macabich to be temporarily diverted to stretch of private road that connects with carrer des Pla del Rei, another nearby arterial. Traffic in front of Can Carlos will be restricted to one lane. To minimise headaches for motorists, special signage will be used to ensure continued vehicle flow in both directions.

Bringing fibre optic connections to ses Bardetes to mean partial closure of avinguda Isidor Macabich

Avinguda isidor macabich amb avda 8 dagost reduxIn a bid to bring fibre optic service to the neighbourhood of ses Bardetes, the Formentera Council's Office of Mobility reports that from Thursday, February 8, upgrades will be undertaken at the crossing of avenues Isidor Macabich and Vuit d'Agost. The work means vehicle traffic along avinguda Isidor Macabich will be interrupted, if only partially, over the weekend from Friday afternoon when school lets out.

Mobility secretary Rafael González warned of noise pollution during construction and apologised to area residents for the inconvenience, though he explained it was a necessary part of the effort to equip ses Bardetes for fibre optic connections.

Traffic control
With one of avinguda Isidor Macabich's two lanes blocked, special signage will be used to ensure continued traffic flow in both directions and minimise inconveniences to drivers.

Carrer Guillem de Montgrí closed during construction

Obres guillem de montgri 2The Formentera Council's infrastructure and mobility offices report that a central Sant Ferran thoroughfare will be closed to vehicle traffic during upgrades in the centre of town. From Monday, January 29, motorists will be temporarily unable to circulate or park along carrer Guillem de Montgrí, a road linking the main road (also known as avinguda Joan Castelló Guasch) with the es Pujols roundabout.

The following steps are being taken to minimise inconveniences caused by the closure:

Access to the Sant Ferran school; no changes. Even with carrer Guillem de Montgrí closed, drivers can use carrers Sant Jaume and Tarragona to reach the school.

Access to carrer Major; drivers can access carrer Major from the north by way of the es Pujols roundabout.

Access to pedestrian-only streets; carrers Mallorca, Menorca and Havana can all be accessed by way of carrer Alacant, which will accommodate traffic both ways during construction.

Motorists must use the roundabout to reach southern parts of Sant Ferran and es Pujols.

To minimise the inconveniences to residents and businesses, an overflow car park was opened in early December to accommodate 70 vehicles. It can be accessed from the roundabout.

Work is expected to be completed by April 30. The initial phase of the project began Wednesday, January 10. An expanded stage will begin Monday, January 29, and additional upgrades will take place along carrer València.

La Savina lighthouse car park closed during port authority works

apacament savina redux 3The Formentera Council's infrastructure and mobility departments wish to report that the car park located next to la Savina lighthouse will be closed during the start of a project of the Balearic port authority to rebuild the the esplanade. The closure will affect both metred parking spaces as well as the lorry load-unload areas.

Crews start work this week and are expected to finish by the start of the summer season.

To minimise inconveniences, a portion of the car park will remain open over the course of work. Signage will be updated across the lot to reflect newly opened segments as the project progresses.

The Council recommends islanders heading to Eivissa to give themselves additional time in order to park in other parts of la Savina.

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