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In hat tip to runway show's first year, Formentera's Passarel·la returns to Sant Francesc

pasarela2018 ruedaprensa-1-This morning in Sant Francesc, CiF secretary of land, tourism and trade Alejandra Ferrer was joined by a group of designers including Elena Hurtado of Obi, Mathilde Rouanet of B7& Acho, Enric Majoral, and José Marcos Garzón of Ishvara, for a presentation of Formentera's eleventh Passarel·la de Moda.

Organisers' pick of Sant Francesc to stage the morning presentation was no accident: the catchphrase chosen for this year's show is 'Orígens' and the Passarel·la (Catalán for “runway” or “catwalk”) débuted in Sant Francesc. The event is set to take place next Friday June 29 at 10.00pm.

Amalia Mora, director of the Formentera Council's commerce department, is coordinating the Passarel·la, with presenting duties headed by Lilian Heinrichs, a familiar face for any frequent visitor to the island's libraries. The following is a list of participating creators, each with a close connection to the island:
Kavra Formentera, Molly Mallone, Janne Bikinis, B7 & Acho, Elena Hurtado (Obi) & Lorenzo Pepe, Ishvara, Michelle Crocitto, Isvhara, Macramé & Tito Solari, Eva Cardona, Majoral. Models at the event will be sourced by Eivissa firm Deva Models.

Formentera Council raises €7k to help local businesses train staff and seek consulting services

foto conveni cif cc-2-Two Formentera Council officials —administration chief Jaume Ferrer and Alejandra Ferrer, the local secretary of land, tourism and trade— sat down today with Eivissa-Formentera chamber of commerce president Juan Manuel Costa Escanellas to formalise a deal to unlock training and consulting services for the local business community.

Under the agreement, the Council pledges €7,000 to fund training programmes between January and October 2018. Course content may include, though won't be limited to, languages (German, English, Italian and French among them), customer service, management and business administration strategies, accounting, window dressing, IT and security.

Secretary Ferrer called the two entities' longstanding collaboration “vital to helping local businesses develop quality services and get the tools they need to sell islanders and tourists on local commerce”.

Formentera renews commitment to scientific research

foto consell premsaThe departments of culture and patrimony of the Formentera Council announce a call for applicants for the administration's 2018 research grant. As in years past, the winning arts, humanities or social science project will be picked through a process of selective review and receive €6,000 in funding.

On Saturday June 16, the announcement was published along with terms and conditions on the Balearic Islands' official gazette, BOIB. Would-be candidates, whether individual researchers or groups operating under a coordinator, have thirty natural days to submit an initial application.

Applications must note project title, description, theoretical basis and research methodology, as well as the motivating objectives, a plan of study and anticipated expenditures.

At the end of the application period, a review committee made up of several individuals will evaluate projects based on scientific interest, coherency, methodology and each researchers' professional experience. The committee's suggestions will serve as the basis for the proposal and subsequent resolution formulated by a cabinet committee.

Last year prize money went to an anthropologically-focused study of human remains at sa Tanca Vella byzantine necropolis. The research team, from Barcelona's Universitat Autònoma, included coordinator Dr Maria Eulàlia Subirà de Galdàcano, Dr Núria Montes Salas and Dr Diego López Onaindia.

Now in its seventh year, the research grant stands as a symbol of the Council's firm commitment to research and the development of scientific knowledge concerning Formentera.

Formentera, proud to fight for equality

hissada-bandera-lgtbi1Vanessa Parellada, the head of social welfare, sat down today with department specialist Azuzena Carrasco to talk about the Council's activities programme for the upcoming LGTBI pride celebrations on Thursday June 28.

Parellada traced the decision to celebrate the day as a moment of reflection to the Stonewall riots that gripped New York City in 1969, calling it “a time to spotlight universal values like equality, respect, diversity, freedom and non-discrimination”.

Trumpeting a catchphrase that translates as “Proud to fight for equality”, the activities programme kicks off on Wednesday June 27 with a 7.00pm storytelling session in the Sant Ferran primary school. In Contacotrans, Lalioparda highlights the strength of our differences as human beings while avoiding the classic division of masculine and feminine roles.

At 8.00pm on Thursday, the Sala d'Actes of the culture department will host a screening of the documentary Fuera de juego. In an ensuing discussion, a staff specialist from the local office of sport will explore homophobia in football and the conspicuous invisibility of gay footballers today.

At 10.00pm on Tuesday July 3, Sant Francesc's Jardi de ses Eres will be the site of an outdoor screening of Milk (Mi Nombre es Harvey Milk in Spanish”). Set in the nineteen-seventies, Gus Van Sant's politically-charged biopic tells the story of San Francisco's first openly-gay elected official, earning Oscar accolades for both Dustin Lance Black (best original screenplay) and Sean Penn (best actor).

Parellada and Carrasco encouraged islanders to come out in force for the event, calling the 28th “a day to fight for freedom with pride”.

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