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Early registration at Formentera school of music and dance

foto escola de musica 2018The culture and education departments of the Formentera Council remind islanders that pre-enrolment is ongoing for the 2018-2019 year at the island's Escola de Música i Dansa (School of Music and Dance).

Students have until Wednesday, June 20 to pre-register, either in person at the Citizen Information Office (OAC for its initials in Catalan) or online at the OVAC.

For returning students and new applicants alike, pre-enrolment is an essential first step for students who wish to attend classes in the coming year.

Course catalogue
The Escola's officially accredited course offering in music and dance spans two categories: elementary and professional. Students at the elementary level have their pick between transverse flute, guitar and piano.

As a licensed educational centre, the Escola offers instruction that is reglat (“regulated”) and therefore officially accredited, as well as non-accredited studies. This particular feature means courses run the gamut. Options exist for students of all ages and all stripes, from “Initiation to Music” for six- and seven-year-olds to workshops on traditional music and professional musical studies.

Moreover the open nature of the Escola's operations model makes for a course offering that is constantly expanding and evolving.

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Formentera schoolchildren dive head first into posidonia seagrass

fotos-devletian--assoc3Roughly forty Sant Ferran pupils' headlong dive into the undersea world put them first in line to discover the values embodied in posidonia seagrass and the natural treasures enveloped by our sea.

It is not the first time Formentera gives local schoolchildren the chance to take this particular plunge. This year a total of 110 students from Sant Ferran, la Mola and Mestre Lluís Andreu in Sant Francesc will go snorkelling in ses Salines nature reserve.

After an earlier initiation with “Posi té un do”, the youth will now discover “El primer viatge”—the first and second chapters in a story about the secrets and adventures of Posi. Each student will be sent home with a copy of the story.

The professional staff of Vell Marí diving centre facilitate the activities, which, in addition to financing from the Formentera Council, receive support from the Eivissa-Formentera foundation for conservation, Trasmapi and the Abel Matutes foundation.

Forthcoming school excursions are scheduled for June 14, 18 and 19. The activity is part of Save Posidonia Project, which is aimed at educating people about the importance of posidonia. The undersea species and designated World Heritage Site is threatened by the unregulated anchoring of boats, sea water pollution, namely from inland sources like treatment plants, sewage (storm drains, oils and hydrocarbons), destructive fishing operations, invasive species and climate change.

Formentera Council lists two openings within administration

foto borsa de treball 2018The Formentera Council is announcing the conditions of eligibility for two job posts: one, for an administrative assistant and another, for a library aide.

Individuals interested applying to the administrative position can review the terms on the website of the Balearic Islands job seekers' service (the BOIB), the Council's own website (by clicking on the human resources tab from the bulletin board), or at the physical bulletin board of the Citizen Information Office (the OAC).

The deadline is ten calendar days from the publication of eligibility requirements on the BOIB website. Candidates can submit their applications in person at the OAC, or online via the OVAC.

Applicants to the administrative position have until Monday, June 18 to apply, while candidates for the library aide opening must do so by Wednesday, June 20.

Formentera OKs plans for observatory to study local tourism stats separately from Eivissa's

foto-2a-debat-estat-de-formentWhen party representatives regrouped earlier today in the plenary hall of the island's dependent care facility to discuss the current state of affairs on Formentera, the session —the second of its kind— was marked by the display of assembly members crossing party lines to score consensus. Gent per Formentera (GxF) managed to win the backing of the other parties on all seven of its proposals, and broad consensus was also secured by the PSOE (four times), Compromís (three) and the Popular Party (two).

Gent per Formentera

GxF party representatives nabbed unanimous support for each of their proposed measures, including one which would use newfound authority in tourism promotion to fund creation of an observatory to track local tourism figures. The remaining three involved a deal with the Palma administration and the Balearic housing authority (IBAVI) to improve housing services; a call to action on an eight-year-old piece of legislation concerning maritime transport; and urging review of a “repositioning tax” that creates roadblocks to offer permanent positions to public servants.

GxF council reps scored cross-party support on a bid to press Madrid's envoy in the Balearics to drop legal action against the Formentera Council concerning permanent law enforcement positions created in 2014. The assembly reached unanimity on another measure to accelerate a deal on education, and on a measure to urge the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina to incorporate undersea maps from the Posidonia Maps project.

Formentera Socialist Party

Local PSOE reps managed to pass four of their party's proposals: a comprehensive management plan for local forests; continued consolidation of the Council's workforce paired with a strategic human resources plan; real-time broadcasts of plenary assembly gatherings; and user profiles which let council members track documentation across the application managing administrative formalities.


Compromís party members scored cross-party backing on three proposals: plans to study prohibition of disposable plastic cups and utensils as well as biodegradable alternatives; a walking/cycling trail linking Sant Ferran and es Pujols; and improved safety measures at school entry and exit points.

Popular Party

Popular Party representatives successfully passed two proposals, as well: first, to press the central and regional governments for increased local presence so Formentera residents aren't forced to travel to Eivissa to carry out administrative formalities, and second, to urge the Govern balear to use its lawful authority to expedite processing of a request from the Virgen Milagrosa school for a new facility in Sant Francesc.

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