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Partial closures of avinguda Isidor Macabich in bid to rig ses Bardetes for fibre optics

Foto tall macabichThe Formentera Council's mobility office reports that from tomorrow, Friday February 15, road work at the crossing of avinguda Isidor Macabich and avinguda Vuit d'Agost, part of an effort to furnish ses Bardetes with high-speed internet connections, means drivers travelling on the first of the two avenues will face intermittent restrictions once schools let out for the weekend.

Rafael González, chief of the department, warned the upgrades would translate into extra noise for residents of the area. “We sincerely apologise, but this work is key to getting ses Bardetes high-speed connections before year end”.

Traffic control measures
The upgrades will require traffic on the avenue named for Isidor Macabich to be temporarily diverted to stretch of private road that connects with carrer des Pla del Rei, another nearby arterial. Traffic in front of Can Carlos will be restricted to one lane. To minimise headaches for motorists, special signage will be used to ensure continued vehicle flow in both directions.

This Friday at the Sant Francesc library, Cristina Brunet tells the tale of Martina's toys

contacontes les joguines de la martina 2The Formentera Council's Office of Culture reports that this Friday, February 16 at 6.00pm, youngsters of the island are invited to attend an evening of storytelling at the Marià Villangómez library.

This week kids are treated to Les joguines de la Martina (something like “Martina's toys” for English-speaking audiences), a performance by Cristina Brunet which, through puppet-work and compositions that Brunet performs live on a host of instruments-turned-stage props, encompasses a breadth of artistic and theatrical forms of expression.

Martina, a tale-teller, prowls the world for new stories that she can spin for children. Not just any old story tale will do, though. Martina was born with a gift: she can talk with toys, and listens as they recount their roving and playful adventures whilst the tots of the world sleep.

We'll meet Toni, whose teddy bear is a bit of a scaredy-cat; a bean-bag frog whose fillings are foiled by some nibbling house-mice; a wee race-horse who, somewhat absent-mindedly, takes a tumble down a staircase and a piglet who guards religiously the coins Aineta slips into her back.

It's a music- and colour-filled show that will get school-children into the spirit and singing along to the tunes of Martina.

Eight Formentera students to specialise in geriatric care

Foto taller ocupacional geriatriaThe Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare reports that the island's adult care centre, the Centre de Dia, will host from next Thursday (February 15) a course on dependent individuals in the public health system.

The nine-month course, dubbed Tramuntana VII, will play out between February and November. Students will be trained to work in the service of dependent people in their particular arena of public health. They will learn to apply strategies developed by the appropriate interdisciplinary team and follow the steps to nurture and enhance care-recipients' personal autonomy and their interactions with their surroundings.

The programme includes 385 hours of course work and 875 hours of paid work experience, with two hours of class time and five and a half hours of work per day, at the Centre de Día or in the Council's at-home care service (SAD) and under the supervision of an instructor/course director.

Students will be paid €1,021.01 for each month of the course, in addition to accruing social security. When the course ends, participants will have the opportunity to build on their expertise, working in the field with individuals with physical, mental or sensory disabilities, or carrying out work in public health institutions.

Tramuntana VII and the accompanying job insertion programme are projects of SOIB, the employment office in the Balearic Islands, and have a budget of €130,219.33.

Formentera Council commends Santi Colomar

Santi colomar 2President Jaume Ferrer, speaking on his own behalf and on behalf of the entire Formentera Council, offered congratulations to Santi Colomar on the historian's receipt of the regional administration's 2018 Ramon Llull prize.

Born in 1968, the Formentera native graduated from the Universitat de Barcelona with a bachelor's in modern history before becoming a prolific disseminator of the medieval, modern and contemporary histories of the Pityusic Islands and, more broadly, the Mediterranean.

The Formentera Council nominated Colomar for the Premi Sant Jaume in light of his commitment to rebuilding the historic memory of the island where he was born, and to his efforts within the local chapter of Obra Cultural Balear, a cultural foundation in the region.

The Council also extends congratulations to the local division of Civil Protection volunteers, who received commendation this year along with their counterparts across the Balearics.

The Civil Protection service members of Formentera received praise locally in 2014, when the Council awarded them a Sant Jaume award for their generosity and charitable work. The volunteers were celebrated for multifarious efforts, including “taking an active role in prevention and protection during emergencies and guaranteeing the safety of local residents”.

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