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Used oil collection sites multiply across island

Foto recollida oli 1The Formentera Council's environment office announces the addition of three household oil collection bins to the local landscape. With two already installed in la Savina near es Trituradors tower and on a roadside in es Pujols (carrer Punta Prima), a third is in the works in es Caló.

The three units join a stable of seven already installed at sites across the island—the sports pitches of es Cap, the la Mola primary school, carrer Joan Castelló in Sant Ferran, Illes Pitiüses park (la Savina), carrer Espalmador (es Pujols) and at sa Senieta car park and the public-housing building (Sant Francesc). Used oil can also be taken to the island's rubbish drop-off site, la Deixalleria.

The containers are at the core of a compact between the Council and waste management firm Ca na Negreta in which the local administration foots a yearly €9,504 bill to maintain the 600- to 900-litre bins, equipped for drop-off of recipients of up to five litres.

As part of the deal, Ca na Negreta must oversee emptying of filled containers at least once a month. The company will also perform checks (bi-weekly in summer and monthly in winter) to clean the containers and remove any nearby articles which are improperly disposed of.

Environment secretary Daisee Aguilera highlighted the importance of responsible recycling practices, especially when in comes to used oil. “Just one litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of water”, Aguilera pointed out, calling the prospect of unduly binned houshold oils “a serious problem for our sanitation and sewerage infrastructure.”

Collecting used oil at businesses
Companies whose outputs include used vegetable or industrial oils (mechanics or rental car agencies, for example) must turn the waste over to outside organisms which are specially accredited to oversee disposal. Such entities perform on-site pickups since drooff at public collection sites is prohibited for businesses.

Used oil pickup is typically free. Authorised oil-disposal firms must issue a receipt of services rendered, which may be requested in future checks by the arm of government which directs hazardous waste collection, the Govern balear.

Local audiences get sneak peek at 'Formentera Lady'

Foto Formentera Lady cartellThe departments of culture and tourism of the Formentera Council announce that next Tuesday, June 5, the island's cinema will host an early screening of Formentera Lady with director Pau Durà and leading actor José Sacristán.

Proceeds from the special sneak preview, which was programmed for Tuesday to accommodate the demanding schedules of Durà and Sacristán, will benefit Save Posidonia Project.

For the administration and for the island at large, Durà's gesture hasn't gone unnoticed. During shooting the filmmaker pledged local audiences would be among the first to get a chance to see Formentera Lady.

Formentera Lady was shot between late March and mid April, 2017. Director/screenwriter Pau Durà's first film, the project took shape over two weeks at an array of local sites. Migjorn beach, legendary watering hole Fonda Pepe, la Mola lighthouse and the la Savina marina are among them, though portions of the story play out in Denia and Barcelona as well.

José Sacristán as the film's lead, Samuel, is joined by a cast including Jordi Sánchez, Nora Navas and fresh face Sandro Ballesteros, who makes his big-screen début as Samuel's grandson Marc. Supporting roles are played by Ferran Rañé, Mireia Ros, Pepa Juan and more than a hundred formenterencs as extras.

The story
Samuel landed on the island smack dab in the seventies and never managed to leave. Living in a shack near the sea with no electricity, he spends his time playing banjo in a local bar, until one day he receives a visit from his daughter Anna and grandson Marc. When Anna is offered employment in France, she decides to take it, even if it means leaving her son with Samuel.

After an initial rebuff from the ageing hippy, Anna insists, imploring her father to help her, if only just this once. Samuel, who is both fragile and excentric, resolves to rise to the occasion, and builds a relationship with his grandson that will stir more than a few ghosts from Samuel's past. In this twilight journey of discovery brimming with hope, not only the island itself, but its people and surroundings, too, are on full display.

Formentera strikes deal to extend Byzantine necropolis dig

Foto conveni necro 2018Susana Labrador, the Formentera Council's secretary of culture, sat down earlier today with the man who owns the land where this February the partial remains of a Byzantine-era burial site were unearthed. The two put their signatures on what was described as a “cultural heritage deal” to prolong archaeological excavation of the necropolis.

In an area the limits of which have yet to be specifically defined, the landowner gives the Formentera Council permission to continue archaeological operations deemed “preventive” in order to study and document archaeological ruins on site. The deal also lays the groundwork for educational visits during the course of the dig.

The agreement also defines various actions required of the Council. First, the administration must foot the bill for an extensive archaeological study within boundaries to be laid out by a special committee. Then, it pledges to appropriately protect the site once excavation and study are complete.

Findings from the dig will join the future collection of the island's museum.

Formentera, jazz epicentre

Foto presentacio 4 formentera jaz festivalThe Formentera Council departments of festivities and tourism unveiled details today about the fourth Formentera Jazz Festival, scheduled for Thursday May 31 and Sunday June 3. Department head Susana Labrador was joined by the festival's director, Maxwell Wright, in unpacking the programme of a four-day festival that promises to cement once again Formentera's status as a bastion of jazz.

Labrador, CiF secretary of culture, seized the opportunity to highlight the administration's commitment to top-notch cultural initiatives. Formentera Jazz Festival, she said, represents “the starting shot of the local live music scene”; it anticipates performances in local squares, patron saint commemorations and the concerts marking Sant Jaume festivities. The event is not only free to attend and unrivalled in terms of quality, but also, Labrador asserted, “every bit as much for locals as it is for the island's early-season visitors”.

Organisers have teed up four days of workshops, concerts, dj sets and jam sessions with artists from local, national and worldwide circuits. As ever, the festival's main stage will be the town square in Sant Francesc. Jardí de ses Eres will be the scene of an improv workshop. Blue Bar and Chezz Gerdi will host the festival's opening and closing ceremonies, respectively.

The Formentera Jazz Festival has benefitted from the assistance of the Formentera Council from its very beginnings. This year the administration will pay out €12,500 and offer logistic support.

For more details: http://www.formenterajazzfestival.com/

MAY 31
BLUE BAR, carretera Sant Ferrnan a la Mola, km 7.8

Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc
11.00pm OKOU
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc
12.30am DJ PANKO
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc

Jardí de ses Eres festival tent, Sant Francesc
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc
Plaça de la Constitució, Sant Francesc

Chezz Gerdi, es Pujols

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