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On island's behalf, Council offers parting gift to Deportivo Alavés

Foto Placa redux iiToday at noon Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer presented the head of the Alavés football club with a token of appreciation for the team's visit to Formentera for a Copa del Rey match which pitted SD Formentera against Deportivo Alavés. A plaque mounted on marès limestone reads “From Formentera to Deportivo Alavés. Formentera Council. January 3, 2018”. The upper portion contains a representation of the island of Formentera. It is set against a background of metallic posidonia seagrass, highlighting the crucial ecological role played by the world-heritage plant. Local artist Andrés Rodríguez was called on to create the piece, which will adorn the team's collection.

An SD Formentera representative and Vicent Bufí, chairman of a committee of the Balearic football federation, also presented the Alavés club with gifts. Lunch was held afterwards at Bellavista with the management of both teams, the CiF president and sports secretary Jordi Vidal.

Three Kings of the East bring holiday mirth to Formentera this Friday

Foto Reis magsThe Formentera Council's Office of Festivities announces that this Friday, January 5 at 5.00pm, their Majesties the Three Kings of the East will pay their yearly visit to the island. After tying up at the port in la Savina, their Highnesses, page boys and the so-called “Royal Committee” will take to decorated floats as they set out on a tour of the towns of the island.

From la Savina the cavalcade will sally up the main road for an expected 6.00pm arrival in Sant Francesc. Once there, the c will advance into town, mounting carrer Jaume I as they inch toward plaça de la Constitució. There, following a stop at the town's church to give tidings to the baby Jesus, they will pop across the square to the Formentera Council, where from their perch on the overlooking balcony they will greet the people of the village and receive an official welcoming from Council officials.

At approximately 7.00pm, the Kings will roll into Sant Ferran, where they will make their way to the square via carrer Major and offer tidings at the church. The Kings will appear before revellers at the festival tent and children of the town will be able to claim their gifts.

The cavalcade is due to arrive in la Mola at round about 8.00pm. The Kings, making their way down the avinguda, will pull in at the square next to the town's church, before entering the building for the long-awaited moment: distributing their freight of gifts to the boys and girls of the town.

Youngsters in Sant Francesc will have to wait for their presents until Saturday, January 6. That drop-off will play out in Ca ses Monges following Kings' Mass, which starts at 11.00am in the Sant Francesc church.

As the young and old of Formentera's towns await the arrival the Kings this year, they will have circus show entertainment to tide them over too. For 11 years, Circ Bover have shared their original, modern blend of cutting-edge circus acts to national and world audiences. Their assorted act includes live music, theatre and dance.

This year as in those past, the Three Kings of the East come from far-off lands to fill the streets of the island with joy, magic and, while they are at it, gifts and sweets (the cavalcade will carry in tow 270kg of gluten-free candies).

The Formentera Council wishes to thank all those who have made the Three Kings' visit possible: Formentera churches and associated youth volunteer groups, Associació Reis Mags, Casal de Joves, Baleària, Pitiüsa Sud, Llibreria Tur Ferrer, Hostal Bellavista, Frutos Secos Ibiza, Carbòniques Tur, the crew of the Arabian Nights pleasure craft, the Formentera farmers' co-operative and the Council brigade.

Council tees up one-off transport plan for January 3 showdown between SD Formentera and Deportivo Alavés

As SD Formentera gear up to face off against Deportivo Alavés at the island's local pitch, the Office of Mobility of the Formentera Council have put together plans to reroute traffic from an adjacent road, Camí Vell de la Mola. The match, part of the round of sixteen in the Copa del Rey, or King's Cup, will begin at 7.00pm on Wednesday, January 3.

The logic of the plan is to assure orderly, fluid entry to and exit from the Camp Municipal d'Esports before and after the match. The following conditions must be respected by any attending persons:

3.00pm to 10.00pm: Controlled circulation along Camí Vell de la Mola, one-way towards Es Ca Marí from Sant Francesc.
3.00pm to 4.00pm: Vehicle traffic without restrictions.
4.00pm to 10.00pm: Vehicle traffic prohibited except for authorised officials and area residents.
5.30pm: Pitch gates open.

As spectators are asked to arrive at the match on foot, a meet-up is scheduled for 5.00pm in the Sant Francesc town square. From there, all are encouraged to come out to show support for SD Formentera during this historic fixture.

A free pick-up and drop-off shuttle service will be available from 5.00pm to 7.00pm for individuals with special mobility needs. The coach will make four stops in Sant Francesc: sa Senieta, Antoni Blanc fitness centre, Fossar Vell parking lot and the roundabout. Riders must wait at these locations to be picked up. Service will continue after the match.

Additional coaches serving the regular La Savina port-Sant Francesc bus route will accommodate football fans traveling from Eivissa for the event. From 9.30am to 7.00pm, every boat that arrives at the port will be met with a bus to take passengers from La Savina to the Sant Francesc roundabout. Access to the Camp Municipal both before and after the game will be limited to pedestrians. Following the match, buses bound for La Savina will depart from the roundabout. Riders will be charged €3 for a single ticket; return tickets are €5.

Thumbs up for test drive of organic waste recycling programme on Formentera

Foto recollida organica bar centroThe Formentera Council's Office of Environment reports that from June to September, a four-month pilot programme across fifty businesses and other establishments in Sant Francesc meant that 100 tonnes of organic waste were collected for recycling.

The list of participants included bars, cafés, hotels, supermarkets, a hospital and a school — all considered producers of substantial quantities of waste. Each one was given special, small bins which crews picked up on nightly door-to-door collection runs.

Environment secretary Daisee Aguilera thanked participating businesses for their efforts, which made for a savings of €167 per tonne —or €16,700 over all— by reducing the waste that is treated and shipped to Eivissa.

Councillor Aguilera pointed to other benefits too, like a programme at the Formentera treatment plant that will supply local farms with compost. Organic matter and a special mixture of tree clippings to add structure are allowed to mature during a four-month process that ultimately produces compost for farmers of the island.

According to Aguilera the idea behind the initiative —repurposing organic waste to create a product apt for local fields— is “zero waste production”. Council personnel with specialist training have described the quality of the compost (participants are urged to set aside organic waste alone) as “very good”.

The €80,000 programme is paid for by the Formentera Council and a €32,000 grant by the Leader group. On the back of the programme's bumper response, the Council is studying expanding the organic rubbish recycling programme across other “big rubbish producers” on the island.

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