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Formentera local police break up three drinks sales spots at Ses Illetes, confiscate itinerant vending material

Foto venda ambulantFormentera local police have brought charges in 8 cases of alleged itinerant vending on Ses Illetes beach between August 13 and 14.

Law enforcement agents struck two supply points and one station used by the beachside vendors to prepare and sell mojitos. The agents confiscated 99 articles of clothing, 305 bottles of water, 40 refreshments, 54 necklaces, 8 plastic containers of fruit, 5 coconuts and a rucksack with material for making mojitos.

Judicial body rejects Madrid's attempt to cut 9 positions from Formentera police

Polis formenteraThe administrative offices of the Spanish courts have issued an interlocutory order in favour of the Formentera Council (CiF), objecting to the elimination of 9 staff positions on the island's local police force. The decision opposes a motion filed May 30 by the Spanish state's legal counsel on behalf of the Popular Party (PP) to enforce a February 28 ruling, known as “87/2017”.

In the order, magistrate Núria Ramos endorses the CiF's case, saying: “The court has weighed the different interests and finds that the Formentera Council has both stated and sufficiently documented its arguments”. Likewise, Ramos says, representatives of the national government have not demonstrated that any damages would proceed from failing to implement the [February 28] order. The court ordered Spain's attorney to pay for legal fees associated with the trial.

'PP actions are placing Formentera at risk'
Bartomeu Escandell, the CiF's secretary in charge of the tax office, rural affairs and police, blasted the “double talk” of the conservative party, saying: “In plenary sessions, PP operatives claim Formentera lacks sufficient law enforcement agents, yet they use every means at their disposal to impede the deployment of those resources. The attacks waged by Madrid's Formentera delegation on the new jobs on the police force are an example of that”.

Escandell called requests this year to cut 9 permanent staff even as the state government solicited 5,197 new positions on the national police and Guardia Civil forces “hypocritical” and “irresponsible with respect to our safety on Formentera”.

Escandell continued: “Conservative party officials have got every right to disagree with our administration and members of our party. However, on issues of safety, any serious national government must understand that part of its job is to ensure there are enough police. This is not an issue where Madrid can cut corners”.

The Madrid delegation filed an administrative appeal to block an agreement reached by the CiF on August 22, 2014 calling for applicants for 9 positions on the Formentera local police force.

Administrative court number 1 in Palma dismissed the motion on September 1, 2016. Surprisingly, the PP government in Madrid appealed that ruling. Earlier this year, on February 28, the call for applicants was rescinded, and Madrid requested immediate enforcement of the ruling.

This most recent interlocutory order was issued at the end of July, upholding the Council's calls to block enforcement of the February ruling.

Formentera firefighters drain car parks hit by rain at ses Salines

Foto bombeig parquingsdia11Having worked throughout the afternoon and into the evening on August 10, fire crews of the Formentera Council resumed water removal efforts today after rainfall left parking areas in the ses Salines nature reserve flooded.

Parc Natural de ses Salines, which comprises Illetes and Llevant beaches, limits private parking in order to ensure access for emergency vehicles. As a result, response operations today meant fewer park visitors could enter the park, with car queues overflowing to the adjacent highway.

Council officials expect the park will see a return to semi-normal conditions by tomorrow and have thanked ses Salines employees as well as local police and Guardia Civil agents for their work dealing with traffic slowdowns and redirecting visitors to other beaches.

Two illegal encampments ousted from Illetes beach

Foto campament platjaAfter apprising coastal authorities of two unauthorised encampments on Illetes beach, CiF Office of Environment crews joined officials from demarcació de Costes on visits to the sites in question, seeing to it that their occupants dismantled them. It has been the third such incident this month.

Crew members from two yachts—95-metre Kismet and 71-metre Titania—had pitched numerous items on the seashore without possessing any of the permits required to do so.

One of the outposts measured 30m2 and consisted of a covered stand, 12 hammocks, 5 umbrellas, 2 easy chairs and markers staking out the area. In the other case, the individuals arrayed a 40m2 space with a shade tent, two food tables, two chairs, an umbrella, paddle surf boards and bathing material like towels and creams.

'Our beaches belongs to everyone'
In the words of the CiF environment secretary, “on Formentera public land belongs to everyone”. Barring specific exceptions, Councillor Daisee Aguilera pointed out, private use of beaches is prohibited. “What concerns us is that today's occurrence is the third of its kind in the past month,” she said. Aguilera took the opportunity to voice thanks to two parties: locals for collaborating by reporting cases when they spot them, and Costes for helping keep beaches public.

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