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Small game hunting season open through 3 January

vedats Fomentera 2015 premsaThe Formentera office of rural affairs announced today that as of yesterday, Sunday 18 October, until 3 January, will be open season on small game hunting in Formentera. Regulations in place, which allow hunting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as national and regional holidays, also establish the specific hours of the day when it be done: from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset.

Formentera has got six hunting seasons, and three hunting clubs: La Mola, Es Cap and Porto Salè. It is worth remembering that hunting with firearms is expressly prohibited within 100 metres of inhabited areas or 25 metres of public arterials. Hunting is also prohibited along areas of public coastline and around water reservoirs.

Huntable species
Animals that can be hunted locally this season are rabbit, hare, quail, partridge, pheasant, wood pigeon, common turtledove, collared turtledove, Eurasian woodcock, starling, thrush, mistle thrush, “grívia” and fieldfare. The following waterfowl can also be hunted: mallard, Eurasian wigeon, northern pintail, Eurasian teal, garganey, northern shoveler, gadwall, common pochard, tufted duck, common snipe, Eurasian coot and common seagull.

Hunting with dogs
A maximum of 10 dogs per hunter – or 12 dogs per two hunters – must be respected. Only in the case of special authorization may four hunters use up to 40 dogs on a hunt.

The maximum number of animals that can be caught, per hunter per day, are: 20 thrush, 12 wild turtledove, 4 Eurasian woodcock, 2 partridge if caught using a decoy and 4 without, 8 anatidae (birds of the duck, goose and swan family) and a maximum of 2 of other duck species. It is prohibited to practise blind or standing hunting for capture of the Eurasian woodcock.

For more information, please visit this link for Formentera’s complete hunting regulations:


Formentera asks Govern Balear for accord on tourism spending

Illetes Alfredo-Montero webEarlier today, the Formentera Council's office of tourism sent a letter to the Govern Balear urging «the start of a negotiation process to turn the transfer of authority on tourism promotions into a reality». With the negotiations on that transfer expected to continue beyond the first semester of 2016, In the missive, Formentera's tourism councillor suggested signing «an interim agreement to enable the local tourism advisory board» — el Patronat de Turisme de Formentera — «to assume responsibility of tourism spending».

In a letter addressed to regional tourism minister Biel Barceló, Councillor Alejandra Ferrer describes the Patronat's work in recent years with the entirety of the public and private sectors of Formentera. «In particular», she wrote, «the board has focused on defining and improving the image of our island. In addition to developing a multi-pronged approach to marketing Formentera's particular brand of tourism to different sectors, they have succeeded in at once establishing the loyalty of the Italian market and diversifying our business by incorporating both the national and German markets». Proof of their efforts' success, Ferrer points out, are the unwavering high occupancy rates even throughout the economic crisis.

In the letter, Councillor Ferrer noted the previous Govern Balear administration's refusal to reimburse the Formentera Council's 2011 spending on tourism promotions — and their refusal to reimburse spending over the four years that followed (2012-2015) — despite the Palma government's signing of an agreement to that effect. Now, after Formentera's rejection of the previous administration's proposal to fund a tourism promotion transfer on the grounds that it was too meagre, Councillor Ferrer is requesting a return to the negotiation table «in order to hammer out a plan that truly complies with the text of the Balearic statute of autonomy and represents the consensus of all the regional island councils, while at the same time covering our tourism promotion costs».

Court rules in favour of CiF, calls on Telefònica to pay damages

foto consell premsaThe legal offices of the Formentera Council have announced the administration will receive 6,000 euros in damages from the Telefònica company for a four-month delay in provision of services. On 30 September the second court of Palma dismissed an administrative appeal lodged in contentious court by Telefònica which took issue with a ruling of the Formentera Council’s government commission. As head of CiF legal services Àngel Navarro explained, the commission had ruled in favour of serving Telefònica – the company awarded the contract to provide the Council's telecom services – with two 3,000-euro fines for infractions classified molt greus (‘very serious’). The court found Telefònica had indeed failed to comply with the timeline established in the contract signed by the two parties.

The contract was made official on the first of September 2014, from which time Telefònica had two months – or until the beginning of November – to fully implement telecom services. Those services were ultimately not in place until six months after the contract’s signing. The court sentence states that failure caused the Council damages that were «evident and unquestionable damages». In the same ruling, Telefònica is ordered to bear the legal expenses – up to a màximum of 1,500 euros – occasioned by the process. According to the Council’s legal services, the ruling is binding and cannot be appealed.

Formentera fire brigade called into duty 27 times in 2015

RP bombers premsaPresidential cabinet councillor Bartomeu Escandell and chief of the fire brigade (els Bombers de Formentera) Iván Marí stood before members of the press today to report on the brigade’s work this year since January. As Escandell highlighted, the work of Formentera’s local firefighters deserves all the more merit this year because «despite the unusually dry weather, we were able to avert any major fires». The councillor also extended his thanks to the Ibanat (Institut Balear de la Natura), local civil protection services, the Guárdia Civil and the Formentera local police, as well as the island’s water transport companies for allowing the brigade to use their fleets at different times throughout the year.

Councillor Escandell reminded reporters of the Formentera Council’s collaboration on wildfire risk awareness campaigns devised to teach the «little steps that people can take – not throwing cigarette butts out the window – to prevent tragedies from happening in our region». The Council also takes part in other outreach campaigns, explained Escandell, like one last year that expounded the importance of creating barriers to stop flames from spreading around houses that border Formentera’s heavily-wooded areas.

A hectare of scorched land
For his part, brigade chief Marí reported that from the start of the year until 30 September his firefighters have been called into duty 102 times, five more than the same period last year. Of those incidents, 27 were fires. Seventeen of the fires were in areas of shrubbery or other vegetation – a common occurrence, he assured, during a year «made especially dangerous by the dry spell».

The brigade predicts this year nearly one hectare of land has been burned, with blazes in the majority of those incidents caused by still-lit cigarette ends. Marí called Formentera’s recent rains «a welcome change», but asserted: «We need to remain vigilant. The wildfire risk on the island is always there».

Special vigilance in Es Ram area
Among the firefighters’ different calls to duty this summer, especially harrowing was the trio of wildfires that swept through the same area of Es Ram in mid and late July. In consequence, the brigade coordinated regular passes through that part of the island throughout the summer, splitting the work between the Bombers, Protecció Civil (civil protection services) and Ibanat crews.

Els Bombers de Formentera comprise four staff members: two full-time, one part-time and a fourth who is on-call. They have a fleet of vehicles which consists of a pickup truck and two fire engines – as Councillor Escandell notes, «the Council opted for rapid-response – and not especially large – vehicles in its goal for effective fire control». He reminded the audience at the press conference that, barring any changes, the official high-risk period of the summer season will end 15 October. Pursuant to the municipal code, after that date controlled fires will once again be permitted.

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