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Local ordinance traces responsibility for livestock attacks to pet owners

Amid an increasing number of dog attacks on livestock in recent weeks, the Formentera Department of Rural Affairs wishes to remind pet owners of a municipal ordinance requiring them to accompany, leash and, when appropriate to an animal’s temperament, muzzle pets when on the public thoroughfare.

The reminder, which has been posted on information boards and in agricultural areas on the island, points to fines ranging from €30 to €15,000. The notice also highlights legislation defining canines which “possess a distinctly aggressive character or have been aggressive towards people or other animals” as “potentially dangerous”.

Department chief Josep Marí said the dog attacks were the source of great disturbance for local livestock farmers, “not only in terms of the animals that have been slain. There is also the distress of knowing property barriers have been breached and members of your herd have been hurt”. “I’m asking for responsibility from those pet owners who perhaps aren’t cognisant of the repercussions that letting your dog off the leash can have”, Marí continued. “Livestock and dogs can coexist without problems if we follow the rules.”

The island’s government is asking people who see unaccompanied dogs to report them to the pound by calling 630 08 31 28. Lastly, Councillor Marí praised livestock owners, which he described as “small farmers who protect hometown traditions and safeguard the local landscape”.

7 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

2nd LLUN3S festival lights up Far de la Mola

cartell 2021 llun3sThe Formentera Department of Culture is pleased to announce that the la Mola lighthouse patio will once again be the scene of music-infused shindigs to celebrate the three full moons of summer 2021.

“From Baroque to early music” is the tagline of this year’s series, and the first instalment hits Thursday 22 July. With “Yes, We Bach”, Menorca’s own Il gesto armonico explore the lasting impact of Johann Sebastian Bach on the musical tradition. The musicians start with the full-tilt Baroque of the patriarch himself before tackling everything up to the dynasty’s close. On 21 August, Solnegre will present “Fantasia”, a survey of the melodies that animated the distinct kingdoms of 16th-century Iberian Peninsula. As the festival winds down, Ailàs! enlist historical instruments and a proficiency with period aesthetics as they breathe life into “L’expansió del movimient trobadoresc” — a selection of 13th- and 14th-century material.

To respect the cliff-dwelling virots for whom the LLUN3S concert backdrop doubles as a nesting site, attendees will receive a pair of headphones connected to an internal amplification system.

Another new feature this year is the change from “pay-what-you-can” to a “pay-when-you-book” system. Admission for one concert is €15 and €35 for a three-concert pack. Seating capacity is restricted to 100. Tickets can be purchased by emailing entradesllun3s@gmail.com.

LLUN3S is a joint initiative by Espai F_ and the Formentera Department of Culture with support from Ports de Balears and Ràdio Illa.

6 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

‘We’re artists’ theme as summer camp programme kicks off

foto 2021 escola estiuThe Formentera Department of Youth is pleased to report that the municipal summer camp programme got under way on Thursday 1 July with the theme “Som artistes” (We’re artists). Two hundred seven 3 to 12 year olds signed up to take part in Escola d’Estiu 2021, which will play out in the three schools of Sant Francesc, Sant Ferran and la Mola.

“It’s about offering alternative leisure and educational activities for the island’s school-age boys and girls, while helping households strike a work-life balance”, explained department chief Vanessa Parellada.

The councillor thanked local families for their trust in the service, not least considering that for the second year running, the summer programme will be held in line with health and safety protocol stemming from covid-19. Parellada also praised the team of two directors and twenty-two activity leaders “for their dedication to ensuring the school is adapted to kids’ needs”.

This year as last, tuition help exists for families affected by the coronavirus crisis. The Escola d’Estiu is weekdays 8.00am to 2.30pm and runs until 31 August. Activities and logistics will be adapted to health and safety protocol.

5 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

In es Pujols, fashion fans hail runway’s ‘return’ as Passarel·la turns 13

foto 2021 passarellaCOn a stage replete with jewellery, handbags, wedding dresses, party dresses and top-shelf avant-garde creations inspired by nature, the sea and the colours of Formentera, the island’s vice-president and commerce councillor, Ana Juan, thanked local designers for making the Passarel·la possible amid such complicated times: “Despite the challenges, the modest local industries of fashion and design are thriving”, she affirmed.

Creators included Janne Bikinis, Hippie Shop Formentera, Kavra de Formentera, Equilibre, Simona Colzi&Le Voyeur Vintage, Vintage Ibiza- Formentera, Macramé&Acho jewellery, Molly Mallone, Michele Crocitto, Elena Hurtado & Lorenzo Pepe “OBI”, Laura López, Eva Cardona, Ur Joies, Flavio Cocho and Majoral.

A duo of hosts, journalist Montse Montsalve and young hometown musician Miquel Tur, presided over events from 9.00pm, though not without help from the professional models at Deva Models of Eivissa. Watch the Passarel·la on the Consell de Formentera YouTube channel, where it was broadcast live.

3 July 2021
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera

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