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'Tales for moon-talking'—kids' storytime scheduled for Sant Francesc library

cartell contes rgb-1-The Formentera Council's culture department reports that at 5.30 pm, Friday February 15, Biblioteca Marià Villangómez will host a family-friendly storytelling session with families and the librarian Joana L. Guirado from Biblioteca Vicent Serra Orvay on Eivissa. Formentera families are encouraged to come out for the event too, which will also feature artist Xènia Fuertes.

Similar to what's already been done on Eivissa, the goal is to form a local group of parents of young children from zero to four and meet at 6.00pm on the first Friday of the month “to get-together and show the magic of storytelling to young ones”, said chief librarian Lilián Heinrichs. Xènia Fuertes will also be on hand for the thirty-minute sessions.

“Friday February 15 parents from Eivissa will come to our library to show us what their storytime is like”, the librarian added. The initiative is about creating a gathering place for families where tots can cosy up to books and oral storytelling. The goal is to use the magic of stories to awaken an appetite for reading in children's youngest months.

Interested parents can sign up by sending an email to biblioteca@conselldeformentera.cat.

Obstacles to accessibility removed at 10 Sant Francesc crosswalks

foto-pas-de-vianants-sant-fran1The Formentera Council infrastructure office reports that construction features making access difficult or impossible—also known as “architectural barriers”—were taken out at 10 pedestrian crosswalks around Sant Francesc. Infrastructure and mobility councillor Rafael González gave account of the changes today, seven of which happened along avinguda 8 d'agost, two on carrer Sa Senieta and one on Pla del Rei.

González said picks of the crosswalks to be upgraded responded to requests by islanders with reduced mobility and the €32,468 (VAT included), one-month project was included in December's “Sustainable Mobility Plan” (Pla de Mobilitat Sostenible).

Fourth push of term
The councillor said it has been the fourth operation to erase hurdles to mobility in the last three years. The first time, local associations requested and fast-tracked the upgrades as part of the island's “participatory spending” initiative. The second aimed to improve access to schools, and the third was performed on the pavements and entrances at la Savina's Illes Pitiüses park.

Money for renewable energy, charging stations and electric vehicles

cartell-energies-renovables1The Formentera Council environment department reports that tomorrow, Tuesday February 5 at 7.00pm in the hall of ceremonies of the administration, the Sala d'Actes, where Balearic director general of energy Ferran Rosa will outline the new run of help for solar, photovoltaic and small-scale wind turbine technologies and e-mobility.

Environment councillor Daisee Aguilera will be on hand too, doubling down on the “local renewable energies push”. She speaks about the need to “reduce energy consumption across the power grid and with private generators and cut CO2 emissions”.

Aguilera is encouraging people from the local business community and islanders off all stripes to come out. “Assistance is available for people installing clean energies at home”, she said, “or purchasing an increasingly competitive vehicle”.  Another round of assistance exists to set up private-use charging stations.

Applications for the following assistance are open to islanders, non-profits, small and medium-sized businesses:
1) Financial help to instal solar panels and small-scale wind turbines for use by individuals and businesses

2) Purchases by taxi and ride-hailing service drivers of new vehicles harnessing special electric, plug-in hybrid electric, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) or reduced emission technologies

3) Installation of public fast charging stations for electric vehicles (group packages)

4) Installation of public fast (and “semi” fast) charging stations for electric vehicles (for individuals)

5) Installation of private charging stations

Originally scheduled for Thursday January 24, the chat was suspended due to troubles in ferry connections prevented Rosa's arrival on the island.

World Cancer Day

foto-aecc1CiF social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada dropped in at an information stand staffed by the Formentera chapter of the Associación Española contra el Cáncer for World Cancer Day today, February 4. A similar table was in place at the Formentera hospital. Parellada saluted the AECC, who work in local education and prevention, on their “fabulous work in support of the ill and their families—keep up the good work”. The Council, she said, is on board for more close collaboration and renewed support from the administration. An allied banner was hung from the balcony of the Casa Consistorial, a show of support for AECC and celebration of the day.

Formentera honours top athletes and sport groups in 2018

This evening came with the celebration of Formentera's 2018 Gala de l'Esport (“Sport Gala”), an event where the deeds of individuals, associations, sport clubs and private entities are recognised and honoured for their devotion to sport.

The following distinctions were delivered:

-Best sponsoring organisation: Trasmapi. For supporting Formentera's sport entities; helping organise and promote sporting events on the island; offering boundless support for Formentera's sport schools.

-Award for trajectory in sport:  Juan Zapateria “Zapa”. This distinction answered to one individual's efforts over an entire lifetime, competing and practising sport in an array of fields. For promoting sport on the island; the years of support he has altruistically given to the world of sport. From 1983 to 1987 Zapa served as the local minister of culture and sport. For a career of tireless efforts as athlete, leader and meet organiser. For promoting values like hard work, commitment, participation and respect for others.

-Best athlete of the 2018 season: Andrea Romero. The athlete was the 1,500m indoor track national champion. First national ranking for club cross-country. Romero one 41st in Europe's cross-country championship and the top ranking in the Balearics for 3,000 metres.

Awards regulations allow “proposal to the jury of certain special distinctions for people whose particular trajectory makes them deserving of honour”. This year, the jury found clear reason to award this special distinction to one local athlete with an exceptionally long career in sailing, still active in competitions and the 2018 winner of World Raceboard Championship, Alex Buchau.

The panel of jurors, comprised spokespeople from a range of sports entities and political parties represented on the Council, was presided over by the CiF sport councillor. Administration chair Jaume Ferrer, honorary panel chair, was responsible for picking winners. The award ceremony took place in the evening of Friday February 1.

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