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Prosecutor sloughs off wrongdoing claims concerning 2010 statutes revamp

In a written opinion submitted May 2, 2018 and communicated to the Formentera Council December 21, the prosecutor's office of Eivissa's number four investigating judge gave its opinion on a corruption claim brought by Sunway SL, owners of a hotel in Punta Prima. The suit named CiF councillors Jaume Ferrer, Sònia Cardona, Bartomeu Escandell, Pep Mayans and Sílvia Tur, who voted to pass the local statutes code known as "normes subsidiàries" in 2010. The office failed to see indications any wrongdoing took place and proposed “a provisional freeze on further related action”.

The suit had already been heard by a court of administrative litigation in response to Sunway representative Leo Stöber's having taken issue with the statutes. On July 8, 2014 the high court of the Balearic Islands ruled in favour of the Formentera Council, saying the defendants' action, which it feels “were lawful”, were “based on reports by experts that the environmentally-fragile stretch of coastline, part of ses Salines nature reserve, required special attention”.

Bartomeu Escandell, who is councillor of the president's office, indicated his happiness with the office's declaration, calling it “consistent with the previous ruling. The statutes held up against scrutiny and claims of unlawfulness once, making the present charge hard to fathom”. Escandell said that while the normes subsidiàries had received the votes of Gent per Formentera and PSOE, for many years those involved in this particular cause were all from the same party.

The councillor said that for his colleagues past and present, he appreciated the peace of mind the written statements and court rulings offer concerning his team's work and their longstanding commitment to the public good and care of the land. He concluded by encouraging prudence, noting that while the statement from the prosecutor's office is favourable, “the final ruling is in the judge's hands”.

Islanders can swap recycling points for prizes at environment office in Sant Ferran

foto-be-blue-premisThe environmental arm of the Formentera Council announces islanders that binned their recyclables using stations installed by Trasmapi at five locations across the island can now cash in “eco-punts” they've earned for prizes at the environment office, carrer Mallorca, 15, from 9.00am to 2.00pm.


- Be Blue Formentera bracelet, 30 eco-punts
- Key chain, 40 eco-punts
- Hat, 60 eco-punts
- Tote bag, 60 eco-punts
- Be Blue cap (children's), 80 eco-punts
- Be Blue cap (adult's), 100 eco-punts
- “Posi” children's book, 90 eco-punts
- “Posi” children's books, four-item collection, 360 eco-punts
- Majoral bracelet, 300 eco-punts
- Polarised, wood-framed sunglasses, 400 eco-punts
- Peterdiving session at Vellmarí dive centre, 550 eco-punts

In a pilot programme launched in September, Trasmapi put in five drop-off stations for plastics and cans at distinct locations across Formentera. All but one were shipped back earlier in the week, explained environment councillor Daisee Aguilera, but islanders can still visit the port location to ditch their recyclable tins and plastics. The transport company reports they will look at other possible actions based on review of the initiative's results. Fifteen thousand eight-hundred eighteen recyclables were collected during the effort.

Formentera introduces pair of parenting support groups

cartell grup de suportThe Formentera Council's social welfare office is unveiling two “family support groups”—one for parents of three to six year olds and another for children aged six to twelve. Both are free and open to the public, with no need to sign up.

Department head Vanessa Parellada said the initiative was about “teaching families, parents and children alike, to strengthen their parenting skills, part of preventing problematic behaviour like bullying and drugs, and pitching in with some extra help”.

The sessions will be held at Casal d'Entitats. Group one (for parents of children aged three to six) meets 6.00pm to 8.00pm the first Thursday of the month from January 10. Group two (for parents of six to twelve year olds) meets 6.00pm to 8.00pm the last Thursday of the month starting January 24.

The support group will have a two-part focus; According to Vanessa Parellada, "on the one hand, parents will be encouraged to raise their children to support them and guide them, and on the other, tools will be provided to prevent creeping problems from getting out hand". Conflict resolution will be explored in terms of democratic values and the strengthening of social skills with minors.

The family support group will be led by the social educator of the social welfare office and will include occasional collaboration of specialists from assorted fields.

5 clothing drop-off points installed across island

foto presentacio contenidorEnvironment secretary Daisee Aguilera was joined by Joan Marí, the head of the Eivissa-Formentera branch of charitable group Cáritas Diocesana, and the group's local delegate, Miguel Àngel Riera, in introducing used clothing reception points at an array of urban spots across the island.

The event took place at 12.30pm at one of the containers on avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch near the Sant Ferran school. The others are located in la Savina (on carrer Polígon de La Marina adjacent torre des Triturador), at Sa Senieta car park in Sant Francesc, next to the indoor football pitch in es Cap de Barbaria and near the school in la Mola.

Partnership agreement
The secretary pointed out that the initiative, part of the Council's four-year partnership with Cáritas Diocesana d'Eivissa i Formentera, seeks to “introduce fabric waste collection locally, given islanders the option to recycle their used clothing”.

The Council oversaw transport and installation of the recipients and will be responsible for maintaining proper conditions on adjacent roads and walkways. Cáritas, for their part, will see to the containers' upkeep and picking up clothing donated for reuse. Miquel Àngel Riera said that Formentera residents in need will have first choice, with surplus material shipped to Eivissa.

Usable clothing will be sold at Cáritas locations around Eivissa or forwarded on to international cooperation efforts. Apparel that can't be made use of will be recycled. Donations, which must be small enough to fit in the one-metre cubed mouth of the container, should be left in a closed bag.

The new service, said Aguilera, “benefits the environment because it improves our strategy on reusing fabrics”. She also applauded the “record of work and dedication” of the veteran local volunteers of Formenterers Solidaris, who will continue taking second-hand clothing donations at the Sant Ferran school from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

Balearic high court refuses to back former Formentera firefighter's claims of wrongful termination

The Balearic Islands' highest court, the Tribunal Superior de Justícia, or TSJIB, issued a rejection of the wrongful termination claim by Rubén Castellar Lozano and overturned a previous ruling requiring the administration to satisfy Castellar's demand of €10,143 in unpaid wages.

Castellar worked for the Formentera Council from March 7, 2016 to January 31, 2017, the day the former firefighter determined he would stop work. However, Castellar arrived at work with his lawyer and a notary on the day in question claiming no knowledge of any agreement to that effect. At that time he filed a claim saying his termination had been invalid.

On that point, the TSJIB declared it had sufficient proof “the Castellar communicated he did not wish to renew his employment contract. In line with this, his employment came to an end by voluntary resignation and not a unilateral decision by the hiring entity”.

Repealed as well is an earlier ruling's requirement the Council provide Castellar unpaid wages, as the firefighter sought to benefit from a convention for which he was not eligible. The court ruled “the plaintiff's wages were those set by his employment contract”, and declared that “a collective agreement for personnel of the Illes Balears administration is not applicable because [the hiring party] is not part of the Balearic administration; it has its own administration”.

Reserve staff

The firefighter also filed a 2014 suit against the Formentera Council claiming entitlement to employment given his place on the administration's list of reserve staff. He won the suit when the court ruled the plaintiff should have started work summer 2014, not March 2016, and Castellar successfully lobbied for compensation despite services not rendered.

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