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This Thursday, Formentera remembers victims of pro-Franco violence

Cementeri sant ferranFormentera's Office of Culture and Patrimony announces the unveiling, on Thursday, March 1,  of a sculpture and plaque commissioned by the Balearic administration and honouring Jaume Ferrer Ferrer, Josep Ribas Marí, Joan Tur Mayans, Jaume Serra Juan and Vicent Cardona Colomar. The five Formenterencs were killed on the island on March 1, 1937 near the back wall of the Sant Ferran cemetery.

Part of a bid to restore the five victims' place in collective memory on the island and ensure the tragic events of 81 years ago are remembered.

The unveiling, scheduled to take place next Thursday at 5.00pm in the Sant Ferran cemetery, will be attended by families of the victims as well as representatives of the Fòrum per la Memòria d'Eivissa i Formentera, Balearic culture and participation minister Fanny Tur, local culture secretary Susana Labrador, and a number of the Formentera administration's senior secretaries.

All are welcome to attend a small reception in memorial for victims of repression.

Officials endorse hand-off of tourism promotion to Formentera authorities

Turistes mercat artesa de la molaThe Office of Tourism of the Formentera Council reports that today, Monday, definitive approval has come for the text that will give authority in tourism promotions to the individual island councils of Formentera, Menorca and Mallorca. The overhaul will simultaneously mean a better funding deal for Eivissa, which has overseen its own marketing since 2015.

Formentera to get 11.07% of available funds
Held against the Partido Popular's proposed 2015 funding package, the current deal means more money for the services and functions marked for transfer. It also means Formentera will receive, in addition to 11.07% of the total package, important authority on statistics, market studies and production creation.

Formentera's tourism and land chief, Alejandra Ferrer, expressed her satisfaction with the terms of the agreement, which assumes the changes will take effect April 1. Taking into account a series of commitments that, due to the official

That the changes officially took effect in early 2018 means numerous commitments between the Agència de Turisme Balear and the Formentera Council remain pending still. The upshot is that 2018 will be all but typical.

The head of tourism described it as “a good deal”for two key reasons: not only will Formentera's funding allocation grow by roughly one million euros, above all, she said, “it provides for new personnel and the transfer of functions and services that are crucial to the task of tourism promotions”.

Once approval for the agreement is secured in joint committee, definitive go-ahead will still require the deal's passage in plenary assemblies of the island councils, another joint-committee gathering and, finally, the rubber stamp of a governing board called the Consell de Govern.

The power transfer will mean Formentera's promotional strategies are increasingly personalised and better reflect local interests and the island's particular characteristics. It will free up space for important projects (construction of a visitors' observatory, for example) to receive attention.

Formentera locks in 170,000 euros' worth of investments for tech upgrades on public buses

Pujada busThe mobility department of the Formentera Council reports that Jaume Ferrer, president of the administration, was joined by Marc Pons, the regional minister of land, energy and mobility, in signing a deal on high-tech upgrades for the island's public buses.

Under the agreement, CTM, a Mallorca-based transport consortium that rigs municipal buses in the Balearics with on-board technical equipment, promises to lend the Council material and oversee upkeep.

The current plan calls for purchase of 12 ticket-vending machines and 36 validation devices, as well as LED info panels, security cameras and communication kits.

The Council and CTM's joint acquisition of the new material means efforts under way in the Balearics to integrate bus fares and rider-info services will become even easier. Buses in the region, moreover, will all be equipped with the same hardware and software.

The measure, in the words of mobility councillor Rafael González, “is about improving the public transport service”. González said the change was occurring alongside preparations for a new transport contract in early 2019 which is purported to mean further improvements to bus service in the region.

Calling all cabbies: applications open for seasonal taxi permits in 2018/2019

Foto taxi cafesfThe Formentera Council's Office of Mobility reports that from last Friday to next (March 9), the administration is accepting applications for seasonal taxi licences on the island.

Applicants must possess a driving licence considered “permanent” and be able to attest at least five months' on-the-job experience in the last five years.

The number of this sort of seasonal chauffeur licence available this cycle has risen from eight in 2016/2017 to ten, a change that will remain unchanged in 2019.

This year and next, five drivers with seasonal permits will be allowed to operate from June 1 to August 31 while the remaining five permit-holders will operate July 1 to September 30. The measure insures that during the busiest months of the year, July and August, an additional ten taxis will join the fleet, which typically numbers 25.

Licences will be awarded by public tender. As a rule, sustainable, or hybrid, vehicles will receive a higher ranking. New cars as well. Explained mobility secretary Rafael González:“The decision to give priority to hybrid cars is a clear indication of our island's commitment to sustainable mobility”.

Signups open for course on integration

Curs dintegracio i reforc 2017Next Friday, March 2, will mark the close of enrolment for the CiF Office of Social Welfare's course on social and cultural integration. The twice-weekly lessons, set to run March 6-28, will take place in the large classroom of the Formentera adult learning centre and will consist of 20 hours of instruction.

Course content
The classes are mainly geared towards immigrants, particularly those wishing to renew their residence permit, prepare for the CCSE citizenship test or demonstrate integration during the early phases of their stay in Spain.

Topics covered will include Spain's constitutional values, human rights and civil liberties, the Balearic Statute of Autonomy, the European Union and gender equality, among others. Aimed at familiarising students with the various subjects and helping them obtain the associated accreditation.

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