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At close of 2017, motorists on vehicle inspection service's waiting list: zero

Foto itv formenteraThe Formentera Council's Office of Mobility reports that, as ever, the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, or ITV, will temporarily close its doors for the Christmas season. Personnel at the office, which conducts roadworthiness tests, will take their winter holiday from December 18 to January 19.

On another note, we are pleased to announce that at year end 2017, no names will remain on the ITV office's list of drivers waiting to perform vehicle tests. After temporarily shuttering when a specialist took leave in September, the office added afternoon appointments in October and November to recoup the time and finish the year without a wait list.

Seventeen local students pursue studies in geriatric care

Foto taller ocupacional geriatriaThe Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare reports that the Formentera Day Centre will host Tramuntana VI, a course on care for dependent individuals in social institutions. Chosen by eight students, explained department head Vanessa Parellada, this course of study can ultimately lead to accreditation to enable its holder to work in the island's future residence”.

Students on this path learn how to care for dependent people within the institutions where they are employed, applying strategies to maintain and enhance personal autonomy and care-recipients' ability to relate to their surroundings.

The course ran from March and December. It will finish tomorrow. The training programme consisted of 370 hours of in-class learning and 1,422 hours of paid work practice, for which the students received a monthly stipend of roughly €1,000. Participants also paid into social security during training.

The project, valued at €134,295, was paid for with €128,580 and €11,120 in funding from the job service of the Balearic Islands (SOIB) and the Formentera Council. The interns were asked to work in the Day Centre and the island's home assistance initiative and received guidance from an individual who filled a joint charge as docent and course director.

Additional training
More instruction for carers of dependent individuals within social institutions is included in SOIB's programme for the unemployed. Nine islanders are taking part in the intensive course, which entails 370 hours of in-class learning and 80 hours of work practice and concludes in February or March. That SOIB-funded initiative is valued at €24,600. Students who successfully complete the programme will be accredited to provide care in the social sector. The only difference between the two courses is their length: one runs three months and the other, ten. Plus, students of the second course perform only the required hours of work practice, hence, there is no compensation.

All those interested in receiving training as a caregiver in the social sector should visit the Office of Social Welfare for details on future training programmes. In fact another course —Tramuntana VII— is already in the works and on track for a February or March start. Besides an age restriction —participation will be limited to students over 30— the characteristics of the course are the same. Ten paid spots will be offered. That programme's price tag is €120,510, paid for by SOIB (€115,319) and the Council (€5,191.20).

Regional government in Palma backs Formentera Local Police

foto consell premsaThe Formentera Council's department of security applauds the Govern and the Balearic Islands parliamentary body for moving, December 5, to advance a July 17 piece of legislation on coordination of local law enforcement in the islands. Special thanks go to Formentera's provincial councillor, Silvia Tur, for championing an additional provision officials say will be a milestone in how the police coordinate their efforts on the island.

According to the amended text, Formentera's unique position —with an island council in charge of one municipality's governance, and the correlated overextension of the local law enforcement agencies— means the Govern, as keeper of the political autonomy and inter-island relations encapsulated in the Balearic autonomy statutes, must offer additional administrative, technical and managerial support for the island's police.

The Govern's assistance must be brought to bear to ensure local law enforcement get the resources they require in excess of what the law already provides. In recent years, despite housing options, comparable pay and available positions on the force, Formentera police have remained understaffed. Police academy graduates give their preferred picks for their assignment locations, and in light of burgeoning demand across the Balearics, precious few choose Formentera. Thanks to repeated opposition from Madrid's delegate to the island and the Partido Popular, uncertainty continues to cloud the legal fate of full-time positions created to sweeten the deal for Formentera-based officers.

Now, with the updated law and the special provision, Formentera has yet another instrument to guarantee it can attract new officers. Department head Bartomeu Escandell thanked regional institutions “for hearing our island's appeal for more police,” saying: “The Govern has taken steps to commit the resources our island's police force deserves”. The councillor also announced that with the new law's entry in force, Formentera will open a call for six new police officers, double the current number.

This Saturday, Formentera welcomes Diverespai back to the island

Diverespai formentera 2016The social welfare and youth services department of the Formentera Council reports that starting this Saturday, December 16, Diverespai is back on the island. The 2017 edition of Diverespai will run December 16-20, from 9.30am to 1.30pm and 4.00pm to 8.00pm. For three mornings starting December 18 the park will be reserved for local schools.

As social welfare councillor Vanessa Parellada put it, “if you are a child aged three to twelve, Diverespai is one of the best parts of Christmas”. Visitors to the installation, which is located in the courtyard of Marc Ferrer high, will not only find an assortment of activities and inflatable toys, they will also find a team of supervising adults.

Giant blow-up castles, animals and shapes adorned with staircases, nets and obstacles are arrayed across the park while attendants propose guided play, face-painting and arts and crafts.

Highlighting the role of those same on-site helpers, Parellada described Diverespai as somewhere “children can learn to play for the fun of it—where they can flex their imaginations and creativity through play.”

Notary watches as spots drawn for runners in Formentera's half marathon and 8K races

Foto sorteig mitja marato1The Formentera Council's Office of Sport reports that at 12 noon today, a drawing was held to determine eligible runners for Formentera's half marathon and 8K runs. The drawing was conducted in the presence of notary public Javier González Granado.

According to secretary of sport Jordi Vidal, the 2017 Mitja Marató (“Half Marathon”) on Saturday, May 12, is special because it marks the event's tenth year. “The race's growing popularity is the reason we need drawings like this one,” said Vidal, who called it “the fairest way we've found to ensure anyone and everyone keen to take part can do just that”.

Room for 3,000
A total of 3,323 runners signed up to fill 2,000 spots in the Mitja Marató; another 1,820 vied for the chance to run the 8K course, for which capacity was limited to 1,000. A computer programme generated random figures for each competition, based on those numbers, an order was established by which the 3,000 spots were filled.

For the Mitja Marató the programme summoned the number 164, so everyone from the 164th person to sign up to the 2,163rd got a spot. The figure generated for the 8K circuit was 1,600, meaning the chosen athletes were those whose registration order came between 1,600 and 1820, or 1 and 779.

Runners have from December 14 to January 8 to confirm attendance. After January 8, new winners will be chosen from among the next names on the list. For more information, visit the Mitja Marató website.

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