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Formentera's industrial park to be named “can Bonet”

Foto Ple vista general260517 pThis morning the Formentera Island Council convened its May plenary session, an event which brought unanimous approval for seven propositions, one from the Gent per Formentera governing team, two from Partido Popular (PP), one from the socialist party (PSOE) and two from Compromís. One proposal passed with 11 “yes” votes from Gent per Formentera and Compromís and abstention from PP and PSOE, while another two—from PP and PSOE—were rejected.

Unanimous approval
Attendees united in their support of the following propositions: on two incoming spokespersons for the supervisory board of Formentera's audiovisual management entity; another, backed by PP, to tackle animal neglect and cruelty; a PP proposition to publish small contracts; a PSOE measure to remove signs from completed public works projects and two Compromís-backed measures—one to monitor the Punta Prima sewage pipe and another to raise awareness about respecting cyclists.

OK'd measures
Today's plenary saw approval for a measure, backed by Gent per Formentera and Compromís and spurned by PP and PSOE, to place names on new streets in urban areas and on the island's industrial park. On recommendation from Obra Cultural Balear and Universitat de les Illes Balears, the park will be called can Bonet.

One measure—to promote work in Formentera's countryside—got “yes” votes from all parties, minus PP abstention.

Report-back from Daisee Aguilera
Today's session included a review from environment councillor Daisee Aguilera on the offices she heads up. Highlighting efforts to stem the spread of invasive snakes and the processionary pine beetle, Aguilera also gave her take on the path forward with the island's new plan for waste management and boasted of expanded surveillance—soon to extend from Cala Saona and Es Caló—of watercraft that anchor along Formentera's coasts.

Formentera revives municipal sailing school

Foto jordi vidal i alex buchauThe Formentera Council's Office of Sport has announced that next Wednesday, May 31, a group of students from Marc Ferrer secondary school will be the first to try out the new facilities of the municipal sailing school. The students, winners of the “Aules netes” prize, will take part in nautical activities at the newly reopened school.

Surf club partnership
Under a €18,000 deal with the CiF, Club Surf Formentera takes responsibility for hiring and operations at the centre while the Council oversees administrative functions.

The agreement, expected to be signed into effect next week, will formalise the Council's collaboration with the centre, an organisation headed up by Alex Büchau and Jacques Lauren, two individuals whose commitment to nautical sports goes back to 1981.

Sport councillor Jordi Vidal described the move as “a renewal of the Formentera Council's policy of supporting inclusive sports centres” and affirmed the municipal sailing school “is in sync with the administration's promotion of positive values in sport, active participation in local community, fitness and health”. The effort, says Vidal, reflects the Council's ongoing commitment to sustainability.

New location
The new Escola de Vela is located at the crossroads of carrer de s'Almadrava and camí de Sa Bocana de s'Estany. Equipped with permits from Ses Salines park and coastal authorities, the centre's facilities will remain provisional through summer, awaiting public tender of the plan to construct a Centre d'Esports Nàutics (“Nautical Sports Centre”) in La Savina.

For complete information about activities at the sailing school, or to take part in June signups, visit the Antoni Blanc sport centre. 

Consell and Espai Dones team up to promote equality and eradicate gender violence

Foto conveni espai donesConsell de Formentera president Jaume Ferrer and Dolores Fernández Tamargo, chair of Espai Dones, signed into effect a €3,000 deal to foster equality and prevent domestic abuse in 2017. The agreement lays the groundwork for a partnership between the two groups in which efforts will be focused on boosting equality and stemming gender violence.

Espai Dones Formentera is a nonprofit that seeks to support feminist struggles and achieve broad recognition and support for gender equality. Since its creation, the group has focused its efforts around high-profile events like International Women's Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Lawmakers seek input on posidonia legislation

Reunio decret posidoniaEnvironment councillor Daisee Aguilera sat down with representatives from the other Balearic Island Councils and the region's department of environment, agriculture and fishing to discuss a draft decree on posidonia seagrass. In attendance at the tête-à-tête were regional minister Vicenç Vidal and director general of the Balearic office of natural spaces and biodiversity, Miquel Mir.

Applauding the Govern's initiative in seeking input from the councils and other sectors, Aguilera underscored the significance of the decree's “clearly-worded ban of anchoring on posidonia meadows”. Formentera's head of environment voiced her hope the Govern would “include up-to-date maps as part of the new decree, thus equipping crews with explicit information about where they can and cannot drop anchor”. Aguilera said clear.cut information was “the most important tool in preventing damage to the seagrass,” a feeling her opposite numbers echoed.

The Govern plans to unveil the decree and convene a community discussion to involve Formentera residents in the current process. That input session, still to be determined, is expected to take place in two weeks.

Formentera Council turns over industrial space to farmers' co-op

Foto signatura conveni cooperativa campJaume Ferrer and Jaume Escandell, the respective heads of the Formentera Council and the island's co-operative of farmers, have signed three partnership agreements into action. The aim of the deals is two-fold. First, to reactivate the local countryside by offering alternatives to abandoned harvests and farmable land. Second, to chart job creation strategies and innovative options in local development.

For starters, the deals put use of a newly completed industrial space in the hands of Formentera's Cooperativa del Camp. Another component of the agreement is that the co-operative will retain management rights for the 504.7-square-metre (m2) property, located in Can Bonet industrial park, at no cost and for a period of ten years.

Moreover, the Cooperativa will be entrusted with stewarding a swath of land known as Can Marroig-Can Ballet. Under the terms of a May 12, 2016 arrangement between the Formentera Island Council and Institut Balear de la Natura (IBANAT), 12.05 hectares of IBANAT-controlled land were handed over to the local administration. Today's action, which formalises that five-year agreement (extendable for an additional five years), empowers the Council to enlist the farmers' co-operative in overseeing harvests on the lot.

Lastly, the two officials formalised a deal to grant the Cooperativa temporary use, also at no charge, of farming equipment owned by the Council. The group will retain control of the following items for four years:


Electric forklift truck

Hand pallet truck

Low lift pallet truck


Front loader

Seed spreader

Two-row super chisel


Reversible plow



Mounted hydraulic sprayer


Rectangular packer

Combine harvester


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