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Artistic exchange in Balears gets helping hand with Illes d'Art

illesdArt3The Formentera Council's Office of Culture has announced plans to host a concert next Friday at 8.00pm in the municipal gallery. JANSKY, a Majorcan duo of self-proclaimed “electrovers” formed by poet Laia Malo and musician Jaume Reus, will share with Formentera audiences their blend of poetry and electronic music.

The concert is the preamble to a group art show titled Illes d'Art, an opportunity for seven artists from the region to exhibit their work. That exhibition, held in the same venue, the Council's sala d'Exposicions, opens Monday March 27 at 8.00pm and will carry on welcoming visitors through April 8. Culture councillor Susana Labrador hailed the initiative as a moment of artistic exchange in the Balearics.

Illes d'Art
The Illes d'Art project comes to Formentera from Minorcan cultural association esFar. In the spirit of promoting artistic creation, the group has selected six projects for display across the four Balearic Islands. After stops on Menorca and Mallorca, the show, now in its second incarnation, arrives on Formentera.

This time around, Illes d'Art comprises a range of artistic disciplines—photos from Majorcan artist Beatriz Polo, sculptures from Mallorca-native Toni Andreu Ferriol, paintings by Eivissa's Pablo pelluz and assorted work from the Minorcan artists Gianna Carrano (photos), Elena Ferrando (collage) and Laura Marte and Julieta Oriola (Salditos Menorca, comics).

Explained the organisers: “Starting with the vision of the artists as delegates of their respective islands, each creator set out to encapsulate his or her ideas in their work, with results that run the gamut from social critique to intimate, personal creations.”

The artists' Formentera visit will also serve as a vector for unity and knowledge sharing between the islands of the Balearics. It will also be an opportunity for the visiting artists to see the how culture and art are framed on Formentera.

In Iceland, Formentera goes after off-season visitors

foto 3 islandiaFormentera Council president Jaume Ferrer, tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer and tourism advisory board chair Carlos Bernús will lead two presentations before Iceland audiences in an effort to sell travellers on Formentera. The demos will be staged in Reykjavik, at the conference hall of Foss hotel.

The first, for tourism trades and management of airlines like WOW and Icelandair, took place at 1.00pm. The representatives will then give a second demonstration at 4.00pm before members of the Icelandic press. President Ferrer called the move a response to Icelanders' recent interest in Formentera and the possibility of new direct flights to Eivissa from that country.

The prospect of developing the Icelandic market is particularly interesting, in Alejandra Ferrer's words, “because Iceland's travellers take holiday trips ahead of and after the high season. In winter the days are shorter here, and locals look for destinations with more hours of daylight, like Formentera”.

Formentera representatives will focus on Formentera as an off-season destination spot, emphasising the island's cultural and sports programmes. Their talks will include promotional videos and the opportunity to take a virtual cycling tour of the island, based on a video with 360º footage. Another draw will be hotel Es Marès chef Juan Ramón Cobo's showcooking demo of typical island favourites like “amanida pagesa”. Visitors will also get the chance to try products like thyme, cheese, fig bread and red wine and check out some of Formentera's locally-produced fashions. The presentations had additional support from Turespaña.

Formentera presents plan to improve waste collection

biotrituradora restes podaYesterday's meeting of Formentera's guild of associations, convened to discuss issues related to the environment, included the unveiling of a draft plan for local waste management. Representatives from 11 island groups were there to pick up their copies of the document, which they will review and possibly amend in the coming days.

According to CiF environment councillor Daisee Aguilera, the aim of the document, which was prepared by green consultants Geprecon, is both to “define the model Formentera uses for waste management” and “align it with European and national standards like cutting down on landfill use for biodegradable items and stepping up recycling”. The ultimate goal, in the words of the councillor, is to increase Formentera's sustainability.

The document calls for two treatment plants—one for “building and demolition materials, where construction firms and the Council will be allowed to reuse materials” and another “for organic compost,” envisioned as a fertiliser source for Formentera fields.

Under the plan, organic compost would first be collected directly from big producers like restaurants and hotels. By the second year, a dedicated treatment plant—and street-side collection bins—would allow for an expanded service, available to the general public.

Improvements and savings
Current figures put Formentera's recycling at three times the national average, though measures included in the document would take those trends even further. One suggestion at yesterday's gathering, said Aguilera, was to extend the push to do away with plastic bags: “Formentera was among the first to take aim at plastic bags at checkout areas. Now we're ready to do more.”

Councillor Aguilera expressed her hopes that the plan, which could be adopted before year-end, has the support of the people of Formentera. “At the end of the day,” she explained, “they've got the final say when it comes to improving our rubbish disposal practices”.

Deadline on estate tax rebate requests: next week

Foto casa pagesa formenteraThe Formentera Council reports that next Friday, March 31, is the last day for large families and owners of properties with grade B protection to request rebates on the so-called “IBI”, or estate tax.

Large families receive a 50 per cent rebate provided their home is valued at less than €120,000 and constitutes the family's habitual place of residence.

Likewise, owners of properties with protection grade B on Formentera's cultural heritage catalogue can apply to have 75 per cent of their tax payment returned. Properties used for commercial purposes are ineligible for the discount.

Rebate requests can be made at the Citizen's Information Office (OAC) during the first quarter of the year.

Council charges 15 cases of unauthorised tourist rentals

MIRADOR PREMSAThe Formentera Council's Office of Land has announced its intent to pursue legal action for 15 violations of tourism and land use codes. The move, explained land and tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer, is a way to protect law-abiding and tax-paying businesses from unfair competition. She voiced the Council's hope that a portion of the illegal rentals join Formentera's offer for long-term tenants, mitigating the housing crunch.

Legal action will be pursued with 14 apartments in multifamily buildings and one house on rural land where owners failed to declare rental activity. In a bid to regulate tourism, Balearic law 8/2012 (July 19) established penalties for illegal rentals of €4,000 and up.

“Formentera has got a lot riding on our visitors' satisfaction,” said Ferrer, “and accommodation looms large when that's rated”. The councillor said that fact explained periodic sweeps by the Council flagging rentals where owners lack the required credentials—“accreditation and controls,” Ferrer pointed out, “that can ensure minimum quality standards.”

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