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Final thumbs-up for Es Pujols upgrades

foto ple extra es pujols 2 setembreAt a special plenary session convened today, members of the Formentera Council voted to grant definitive approval to a project to resurface roads and update infrastructure for utilities in es Pujols. Today's vote means the start of a call for bids on the project, which will impact the centre of Es Pujols as well as the town's waterfront promenade and is scheduled to begin November 1.

The improvements come with a budget of €2,445,750.68 and must be completed within six months, putting the deadline somwhere before the start of summer. As CiF infrastructure councillor Rafael González pointed out, conditions set out fines should delays occur: six thousand euros a day if any part of the project is “partially complete”; a daily six-thousand-euro fee —plus 5% of the total price tag— should any delays affect the project's final date of completion.

Revamped services
Plans call to overhaul several services: sanitation (rain water and sewage), water supply (for fire hydrants and street cleaning), electricity and IT. The road will also be resurfaced with the same type of stone used in a remodel of another Es Pujols arterial, carrer Roca Plana. The works will integrate Es Pujol's promenade with the beach and aesthetic improvements will be made. Moving forward, Councillor González described it as “the first phase of a broader beautification plan in Es Pujols whose final objective is to make the town's main roads partially, if not fully, pedestrian-use only”.

Regional minister outlines push for consumer protections in car rentals

foto reunio consumThe chief of the Balearic Islands' bureau of consumer affairs, Xisco Dalmau, met today before members of Formentera's rental car sector to lay out a campaign championing consumers' rights when they hire cars. He described the push —an initiative fronted by Dalmau's office— at a gathering of local business and community leaders known as the “Council of Entities” (Consell d'Entitats). Alejandra Ferrer and Rafael González are the heads of Formentera's tourism and mobility offices, two branches of local government that are also pushing the campaign. They too attended today's event.

Dalmau framed the initiative as a way to “raise awareness about the rights of consumers and other individuals linked to the rent-a-car sector”. He also touted another of his office's goals: a code of best practises for the sector, something he described as “a seal of excellence for businesses that meet the requirements of the code”. Councillor Ferrer hopes the code can be adapted to Formentera's philosophy, and that it can be done with help from the rental car business community. In her words, the code will protect local enterprises in a number of ways, for one, “by ensuring optimal conditions and taking aim at unfair competition”.

Send-off for visiting Italian law enforcement

foto comiat carabinieriYesterday morning Bartomeu Escandell, secretary of the president's office of the Formentera Council, and local police chief Joan Yern attended a farewell gathering for two agents of the Italian armed forces who had concluded two months of duty in support of Formentera's Guardia Civil.

2016 marks the second consecutive year carabinieri have provided assistance on the island, something local law enforcement say can be traced to the considerable presence of Italians on Formentera in summer. Also in attendance at the ceremony were representatives of the Eivissa-Formentera federation of hotels and the local small and medium-sized business association, both of which are collaborators in the initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the Guardia Civil. 

One hundred fifty children attended summer school

foto escola estiuThe Formentera Council's Office of Youth Services has reported that the island's summer school programme —the Escola d'Estiu, which concluded today, Wednesday, August 31— served a total of 150 boys and girls this year. The initiative centred on a programme of fun activities for kids aged three to twelve. Youth services councillor Vanessa Parellada said sixty children had attended the Escola d'Estiu at Mestre Lluís Andreu public school, and another ninety went to the programme at the primary school in Sant Ferran. The CiF councillor highlighted end-of-summer parties taking place today at both Escola d'Estiu sites, where she said “performances, water games and other activities” could be expected. According to Parellada, kids at both schools were also preparing a sampling of snacks and drinks for visiting parents.

The Escola d'Estiu is intended to be a fun and educational space for children during the summer months. Participating kids are encouraged to use leisure-time wisely by engaging in educational play. In addition, the aim of the programme is to help parents struggling to balance work and family life. Parellada says the last point is especially significant “given the high rate of employment on the island in summer”. “Children need to be looked after and kept busy,” she said.

One counsellor for every ten students
Activities are overseen by a team of 16 professional daycare counsellors. The schools maintain a ratio of one counsellor for every ten students, with one site director per school. Parellada said that all of the counsellors possessed the accreditation necessary to guide leisure-time activities.

Activities included arts and crafts, physical fitness, games, music, theatre, dance, movement, storytelling, cooking, trips to the beach and other field trips such as visits to the Council's hort infantil (“children's vegetable patch”). Children also had the option of swimming.


foto reunio port 2Jaume Ferrer, president of the Formentera Council, having today reached an agreement in Palma, on the island of Mallorca, concerning the site of the Formentera boat landing within the port of Eivissa, hereby declares that:

The new proposal fulfills the principal requests made by Formentera, specifically regarding the landing's proximity to the city and to services available therein, and regarding the existence of one single boat landing.

The Formentera Council will, upon signing the agreement that includes the adopted conditions, suspend the contentious litigation heretofore pursued for this cause.

Thanks are due to three parties: Govern de les Illes Balears, Autoritat Portuària and Ajuntament d'Eivissa, for their ability to engage in dialogue, which was essential to reaching a satisfactory solution.

Thanks are due to the people of Formentera for defending their interests in an organised, united, peaceful and well-structured way and must also be given to the “On sempre” community movement as well as all the political groups with representation in the Formentera Council plenary.

A meeting of the Consell d'Entitats shall be convened in the near future to report on the nature of the adopted agreements.

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