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Book launches, kids’ workshops and writers’ huddle figure among March events at libraries

cartell iii2020 biblio3The Formentera Department of Culture unveiled the activities in store this March at local libraries. At 5.00pm this Wednesday at Sant Ferran’s Punt de Lectura, Xènia Fuertes will lead children ages seven and up in a creative workshop called “Dona Llum” where participants will learn about the body in motion, writing, narrating, collages, textures, music, drawing and plastic arts—“plus lots of magic”, adds Fuertes.

At 8.00pm on Friday 13 March the Marià Villangómez library will play host to a close-up of Miren Jaurne’s book La Venus que rompió el espejo. Jaurne, also known on social media as MimiXXL, is a youtuber whose current book lets readers in on some of her darkest moments, and deals with the futility of judging ourselves based on physical appearance, or handing others the same power. We have nothing to be ashamed of, and a “no” early on can save us from a downward spiral of self-destruction. Today Jaurne isn’t just a woman who has overcome her fears; she has joined the fight to stop bullying and the “body positive” movement. Lilian Heinrichs will emcee the all-ages event.

At 5.30pm next Tuesday 17 March at the Sant Ferran Punt de Lectura, the Formentera chapter of Obra Cultural Balear will host a reading of Rondalles de Formentera. The event is a way for islanders to discover the homespun fables known as rondalles, not to mention expand their Catalan expertise and promote reading among youth.

Another OCB-sponsored event happens in the library at 8.30pm on Friday 20 March. Billed as an “inter-island gathering of writers”, the event will see the participation of Mario Riera, Carles Fabregat, Fina Torres, Esteve Portas, Neus Costa, Mireia Bernabeu and Joan Ferrer, not to mention that of presenters Nora Albert and Maria Teresa Ferrer.

At 8.00pm on Friday 27 March, patrons of the library can look foward to another book launch, this time hosted by Vicent Ferrer Mayans and centred on Isidor Marí’s Poesia, llengua, país: Una mirada des d’Eivissa [Poetry, language, country: A view from Eivissa]. Describing the diversity and the distinct sense of unity that the lands in question share, Marí confides that as he selected texts for the volume and mulled over the order in which they’d appear, the triad of language, poetic/literary creation and a country’s cultural/political consolidation struck him as a fitting synthesis of what had been at the centre of his reflections. “I’d like to think my texts have helped us on this collective path, along with so many others more distinguished and more prevalent than mine. Above all”, says Marí, “I want to believe that our poetry, our language and our country will one day achieve the plenitude they so long for and deserve”. The event is put together by the Formentera Department of Heritage.

At 6.00pm on Monday 30 March the library will play host to Contes en OFF, a storytime for kids by Minorcan troupe No Som Tres enlisting humour, plus a bit of clownery and on-stage antics, to encourage reading.

At 8.00pm on Tuesday 31 March, bookworms rendezvous at the library for another gathering of the book club Llegeix i Gaudeix. As every first Tuesday of the month, the group Contes per parlar amb la lluna [Tales to discuss with the moon] convened on Tuesday 3 March.

9 March 2020
Department of Communication
Consell de Formentera

Whizzes of marketing, communications and creativity return to island for latest FORMENTERA20

foto 2020 formentera20 1The Formentera Office of Tourism reports that from 7 to 10 May, Formentera20 will celebrate its eighth year as a meeting place where authorities on digital culture to share ideas and talent. Set in an array of local settings, the four-day event will embody the Formentera20 hashtag #DesconnectarPerConnectar [DisconnectToConnect].

Backed by the Consell de Formentera and part of the local publicity push known as Discover Formentera in May, the gathering was conceived as a way to, in the words of Formentera’s president and tourism chief, “create incentives and develop the island’s arsenal of culture- and fitness-related programming to draw tourists to Formentera in the low season”.

According to director Rosa Castells, Formentera20 is “a chance to network, share ideas, get inspired and learn about what’s happening in the digital world in the company of industry leaders and in the some of the island’s most breathtaking settings”.

Target audience
Formentera20 is for passionate professionals of the digital world—for communicators, marketing lovers and individuals who want to be in the know to better articulate their project or business proposal. Participants also share space, and that closeness makes it possible to have real networking and ideas exchange, which can serve as the catalysts for new projects. Castells says this is what makes Formentera20 truly unique.

2020 speakers:
Patricia Reis, VP Marketing, HBO www.hbo.es
Javier Pagán, Senior Manager of Entertainment & Telecoms, Amazon / www.amazon.com
Bruno Sellés, Creative Director and Founder of Vasava / www.vasava.es
Marilín Gonzalo, Digital Director of Newtral / www.newtral.es
Xisela López, Executive Creative Director of Sra. Rushmore / www.srarushmore.com
Juan Baixeras, VP Country Manager of AUDIBLE / www.audible.es
Ricard Castellet, CCO of Barcelona TechCity / www.barcelonatechcity.com
Cristina Ribas, Director of Digital Communications for Ajuntament de Barcelona / www.barcelona.cat

Interested parties can find out more and sign up at www.formentera20.com. Space is limited. In order to encourage participation, Formentera residents are eligible for a 50% discount.

6 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Paul Wenham, Compra a Casa’s February winner

foto 2020 wenham compraacasa-1-Paul Wenham has won the February drawing for Formentera’s wintertime buy-local initiative, Compra a Casa Campanya d’Hivern. The campaign is sponsored by the Formentera government with the cooperation of the local small and medium-sized business group, Pimef. A Compra a Casa cardholder since February 2017, Wenham walked away from the drawing with a €50 gift card. Launched in January as a way to support local mom and pop businesses in winter, the promotional push continues this March. Purchases of €15 or more made during the last week of the month automatically enter Compra a Casa cardholders to win prizes. The final drawing is scheduled to take place during the first week in April.

5 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

Consell discusses coronavirus with heads of tourism and local business

Foto rp reaccions coronavirusJFormentera’s president and chief of tourism Alejandra Ferrer sat down with Vicent Tur (president of Hotelers de Formentera), Pep Mayans (president of the island’s small and medium-sized business group, Pimef) and Lina Tur (spokeswoman for the Formentera Chamber of Commerce) for a press conference following a meeting to evaluate the current situation with regard to coronavirus.

Ferrer highlighted a Monday meeting with the regional government, economic sectors, island governments and town councils to discuss the cancelation of the ITB travel expo, related fallout and measures necessary to ensure promotion in the market.

On that note, Ferrer said she relayed Formentera’s belief in the importance of reinforcing marketing efforts “beyond Germany, including in mainland Spain, Italy and France, which are among the most vital markets for Formentera”.

She pointed up efforts to retool promotions in national markets like Spain and Italy that Formentera targets, and come up with new strategies to pick up slack following the cancelled events.

Contingency plan
President Ferrer and the other representatives called on the Govern balear to articulate a contingency plan. Ferrer underscored “concern among business owners because the coming weeks are when personnel are typically hired”, explaining “the uncertainty of the current situation creates instability for employees and employers alike. If the situation were to continue, we would ask for assistance, as we did with the fall of Thomas Cook”.

Increasingly flexible reservations
The president of the local hoteliers’ group pointed out that the bottom had yet to fall out on existing reservations, but that “the previous seven days have seen a slow-down in new bookings by our visitors from Italy”. Tur urged the sector to take a cue from airlines, travel agencies and tour operators and allow for greater flexibility in booking: “We’ll boost confidence if we make it easier for travellers to change or cancel their reservations”.

Public health
In the words of President Ferrer, “we have an extremely good healthcare system in the Balearics and health authorities are doing everything in their ability to assure care for both islanders and individuals who may be ill during their stay on Formentera”.

Tourism and health authorities are constantly updating protocols for workers and visiting travellers. As President Ferrer pointed out, the Govern balear has called on island administrations, town councils and health agencies to convene Monday 9 March to discuss related strategy moving forward.

She also highlighted reports from the Spanish tourism and health ministries that efforts are under way to create a specific protocol for establishing measures to address the various scenarios potentially faced by the tourism industry. “This is about being prepared in terms of how we protect our workforce and visitors”, she said.

The Pimef chief voiced his hopes such a protocol would come quickly so it could be passed along to his associates. “It’s crucial employers and employees understand the steps that experts say we should be following”, he said. For now, Pimef has appraised local firms of specific hygiene measures to implement.

Ms Tur, for her part, urged prudence, assuring her colleagues that the Chamber of Commerce “is keeping a close eye on developments and intends to follow the directives of the health authorities”.

Call for composure
Government and business representatives were united in that insisting calm, reasoned action would be key. According to President Ferrer, “this is a global issue and our only response to it can be local. Rest assured, we are following every development. Meanwhile, the Consell de Formentera, Govern balear and local business and tourism sectors are working together to put all the resources at our disposal toward shaping guarantees for the tourist season around a positive progression of events”.

5 March 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera

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