Formentera Council's €140,000 in funding for local sports clubs

basquet3Funding from the Formentera Council's Office of Sport to the tune of €140,000 means the eight clubs that applied to receive help for fitness initiatives will have 90% of their costs covered.

Promoting fitness
Of the total amount, €74,000 will subsidise fitness promotion efforts that took place in 2017 at the hands of Club Dojo, SD Formentera, Club Pàdel Illa de Formentera, Club Tennis Illa de Formentera, Racing de Formentera, Grup Esportiu Espalmador, Club Bàsquet Formentera and Club de Natació Formentera.

Sports councillor Jordi Vidal called the funding “extremely important” for the clubs, and noted the administration had advanced half of the promised money to spare the clubs from shouldering the burden of fronting it themselves.

Travel costs
Approval was also given for €66,000 in handouts to cover clubs' travel costs when participating in competitions.

The financing comes in addition to the €20,000 the Council has allotted for sports federations and €10,000 it gave to three under-18 athletes in collaboration with the federation for sport in the Balearics, or FEB. Separately, the Council has also offered €18,000 in sponsorship deals to various high-level sports players.