Formentera frees up €21k in funding for sportspeople on island

foto windsurfThe Formentera Council's fitness department has given out €21k to local athletes in the form of funding and gear for competitive events. The assistance went not just to top-tier athletes who compete in trials that are international and national in scope, but also to young sportswomen and men involved on domestic competitive circuits. The aid recipients are specialists in windsurf (four), tennis (three), track and field (two), judo and triathlons (one each, respectively).

CiF sport secretary Jordi Vidal says the money will help “support the development of our youngest athletes and enable them to advance towards higher levels of competition in the future”. For those athletes who are already established, the idea is to lend a hand with “the competitive equipment they will need on their path to becoming increasingly disciplined sports players” and “help cover some of the costs of participation”.

Partnership with Fundació Balear de l'Esport
The Formentera Council expects soon to sign a deal with an association that promotes sport in the region called FEB, or Fundació per a l'Esport Balear. The agreement supports athletes on the path to increasing specialisation as well as improved conditions as they compete in the national and global arenas, the ultimate goal being to expand the amount of assistance available to Formentera's premium players.

Travel assistance
At the start of 2018, the Council opened up €140k in funding for clubs on the island that specialise in sport and fitness, in one fell swoop covering 90% of the costs that eight local clubs had budgeted.

Seventy-four thousand euros of that package went to grants in support of sport in 2017, while the other €66k was used to offset travel costs so that the local clubs could participate in meets held off the island.

An additional €20k was unlocked by the administration for federated teams.