Pest control efforts take aim at local mosquitos

estany pudent fotoEarlier this month, the Formentera Council's Office of Environment embarked on a push to bring mosquito and chironomid numbers under control in several areas of Ses Salines park. Efforts will be concentrated on standing water ponds—the pest's preferred spots to lay larva—around Estany Pudent, Estany des Peix and Salines den Marroig.

Preventive mosquito and midge controls make use of Bacillus thuringiensis Israeliensi, a natural insecticide which acts on mosquito larvae. It is considered biological treatment.

In 2017, two operators will be tasked with administering the treatment in two weekly sessions using ruck-sack units to spray the substance in its pulverised state. According to projections, the undertaking will require 24 full days and conclude in mid-October.

The initial cost is €22,944.19, though if problem areas are detected the administration can opt to expand treatment.