Formentera holds Posidònia Fòrum

foto compilant dadesThis Friday the tourism and environment bureaus of the Formentera Council will host Posidònia Fòrum, a day of dialogue between business, residents and the administration as the Council works towards sustainability with one of the island's most precious heritage features: posidonia seagrass.

Posidònia Fòrum
The working day will focus on the milestones towards conserving posidonia, a key species in the Balearic ecosystem. The day is also about developing a sustainable model of tourism that encourages sound use of natural and cultural resources, economic stability and quality of life improvements for the local community.

The day, which kicks off at 9.30am in the Council's Sala de Plens, is split in two parts—tourism first, and then initiatives associated with Save Posidonia Project. Tourism secretary Alejandra Ferrer will start things off with an opening address. Journalist Carmelo Convalia will follow Ferrer with a talk on changes over the last decade in Formentera tourism. Next, the island's head of tourism, Carlos Bernús, will talk about promoting tourism and occupancy figures in 2017. CEGOS, a consulting and training firm, will enlist company representatives to share their analysis of the “Tourism Barometre”.

After a break, environment secretary Daisee Aguilera will help get the second part of the day under way with a report on the take-aways and SPP growth in 2017 and 2018. Then participants will get a look at some SPP projects, like IMEDEA's Antroposí; GEN-GOB's study of the seagrass and how it can be used sustainably; and marine biologist Manu San Félix's presentation of Posidònia Maps. A round table about the delicate balance between tourism and the environment will be followed by a discussion with suggestions from within the sector and from actual residents. Secretary Ferrer will oversee the conclusions and closing portion of the event.

Save Posidonia Project
Since its inception in 2017 (International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development) SPP has been a pioneer project in the western Mediterranean. SPP reflects the Formentera Council's goal of promoting sustainable tourism and launching an action plan to raise funding for Posidonia oceanica conservation. The goal is to bring awareness to the seagrass's importance for both present and future generations.

The project continues today in 2018, accruing active participants and encouraging adoption of swaths of seagrass meadows around the island.

Many have elected to sponsor posidonia meadows over the last two years, helping as they do further awareness around the importance of the underwater plant for our future.