Consell d'Entitats discusses plans for anchorage scheme at S’Estany des Peix

foto 2021 consell entitats fondejosThe Consell d'Entitats held a one-off session yesterday afternoon to discuss plans to regulate anchored watercraft in S'Estany des Peix. The meeting was chaired by President Alejandra Ferrer; attended by Director-General of the Balearic Office of Natural Spaces and Biodiversity Llorenç Mas and Formentera’s Councillor of Environment Antonio J. Sanz, and conducted by Councillor of Citizen Participation Vanessa Parellada. Among the nearly two hundred attendees were normal islanders, spokespeople from 24 Consell d’Entitats member associations and political party representatives.

Pointing to what she termed “the long-standing unsustainability” of the situation at S’Estany des Peix, President Ferrer insisted the island’s government was committed to “a regulatory model that strikes a balance between traditional anchoring needs and protection of a unique natural space”. Ferrer offered a message that was of both calmness and confidence, affirming, “The political will is to defend the general public interest and ensure that people can continue to enjoy S’Estany des Peix in an orderly and sustainable manner while respecting the traditions and cultural heritage with which the pond is associated.

The President said that apart from regulated anchorage, “other interrelated aspects demand our efforts as well, including a public anchorage spot in the port and a new dry marina and ramps”, insisting, “These and other actions will ensure that the people of Formentera can continue to enjoy access to the sea”. Ferrer also spoke about the need to study options “for the logistics and commercial side of things, as we have also conveyed to the Balearic Port Authority”.

15 days to offer suggestions for rules of use

Councillor Antonio J. Sanz detailed the progress made since March 2019. “Right now we are in the process of drafting regulations for the rules of use and the session brought some very interesting remarks and expressions of concern. We explained how residents can register their comments online through the Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC) and in person at the Citizen Information Office (OAC) and that they have 15 days to present their contributions and suggestions to shape these regulations”. The session also featured talk about the possible criteria for the tendering process, which Sanz assured would “comply with current regulations and be sound from an environmental and historical standpoint”. “Let’s not forget that these plans were borne out of the need to recover a natural space which is facing a high degree of degradation”, the Councillor reasoned. Interested parties can find out more on the Consell de Formentera website.

For his part, Director-General Mas asserted he was confident an agreement could be reached to “satisfactorily organise this protected natural space”. He added that “progress regulating the use of marine areas is essential in times of climate emergency to preserve our most valuable habitats and species”.

23 September 2021
Communications Office
Consell de Formentera