Council and ACAF team up for Ràdio Illa content

Foto radio illaThe Formentera Council made formal its plans to work with ACAF, the island's audiovisual cultural association, on content for Formentera's public radio station, Ràdio Illa. Jaume Ferrer, the Council's president, and Carmelo Convalia, spokesman for ACAF, laid the groundwork for the Council's support for the group, with funding of €50,000 in 2017.

Under the agreement, ACAF pledges to promote communication, information and entertainment across the community; drive social and cultural engagement in the local community and ensure the inclusion of Formentera's most representative social and political groups. The agreement's wording also refers to the need to “reach out to nonprofits”. ACAF will also be on the hook “as a source of expression and creativity” and commits to “fomenting community involvement and leveraging Formentera's cultural capital, particularly in Catalan; communicating local cultural, social, leisure and fitness initiatives to residents; teaming up on educational and other kinds of outreach.”

The Council, for its part, will offer ACAF use of the audiovisual equipment and facilities of the Casal de Joves Centre Social “El Molí”.