Sant Ferran residents engaged in discussion of town's development prospects

Foto presentacio sant ferranLast night members of the Sant Ferran community gathered to review the Formentera Council's road map for the town's centre in the years ahead. Council chair Jaume Ferrer and Rafael González, the administration's infrastructure councillor, together with senior members of specialist architecture firm Estudi Lunar, shared details of the project in order to engage residents in discussion and get input on possible improvements.

Pitched as an articulation of the Sant Ferran identity, the project envisions repositioning the town as the island's cultural stronghold, a bid that will rest on constructing cultural facilities on the current site of the town's school. Dubbed a “centre for the arts,” plans for the complex include a theatre/auditorium, community centre and school of art. The firm hopes to fit the town with a cutting-edge public amenities infrastructure that is specially tooled to promote social gatherings and use of public spaces.

Introductory efforts
The gathering served to chart the project's initial phases, which officials expect will begin November 1, 2017. On carrers Guillem de Montgrí and València work will be focused on beautifying the streets for residents and cyclists. The two arterials will remain open to vehicles though additional plans are afoot for a change in the direction of traffic, a measure aimed at stemming south-north crossings of the town and forcing drivers to instead use the nearby roundabout. The current draft project was designed by Open Fabric, a firm specialised in urbanism.