On island's behalf, Council offers parting gift to Deportivo Alavés

Foto Placa redux iiToday at noon Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer presented the head of the Alavés football club with a token of appreciation for the team's visit to Formentera for a Copa del Rey match which pitted SD Formentera against Deportivo Alavés. A plaque mounted on marès limestone reads “From Formentera to Deportivo Alavés. Formentera Council. January 3, 2018”. The upper portion contains a representation of the island of Formentera. It is set against a background of metallic posidonia seagrass, highlighting the crucial ecological role played by the world-heritage plant. Local artist Andrés Rodríguez was called on to create the piece, which will adorn the team's collection.

An SD Formentera representative and Vicent Bufí, chairman of a committee of the Balearic football federation, also presented the Alavés club with gifts. Lunch was held afterwards at Bellavista with the management of both teams, the CiF president and sports secretary Jordi Vidal.