€150K in renters’ assistance for crisis-hit islanders

foto 2020 ajudes covidThe Formentera Housing Department reports that local families who have seen their finances affected by the Covid-19 crisis can submit applications for renters’ assistance starting today. Posted to the Balearic Job Seekers’ Service website earlier today, the offer outlines €150,000 in assistance covering between 70% and 100% of islanders’ rent payments. Benefits will not last more than three months, and are reserved for islanders whose monthly income was less than €1,200 between April and October.

An applicant’s particular social and professional circumstances will determine the amount of assistance they receive, but the total is capped at €3,240. Money may be used either to pay rent or to make payments on loans for rent between 1 April and 31 October 2020.

Less than €1,200 in income
Deputy premiere and housing councillor Ana Juan highlighted work to ensure that current and previous Covid-19-related aid was received “quickly and by as many islanders as possible”. “We’re here to make sure people get all the help they need”, said Juan, “and the current sum of €150K is key to giving renters a fighting chance”. Juan made assurances that while the current aide package was the Consell’s first to focus specifically on housing, it wouldn’t be the last, and asserted additional funding would depend on how many applications were received.

25 days to apply
To make accessing the money easier and offer answers to related questions, the Consell has created an information hotline that can be reached by dialling 971 32 10 87. Islanders have 25 calendar days from today’s date to submit applications either at the Citizen Information Office (OAC) or Virtual Citizen Information Office (OVAC). Complete details are available on the Consell de Formentera website, and applications will be processed in the order they are received.

To be eligible, applicants must meet one of the following conditions: have been unemployed between 1 April and 31 October or temporarily furloughed; have been forced to work fewer hours as a result of medical treatment received; seen their freelance professional activity interrupted or invoices decrease by 75% or more; be seasonal workers but not in possession of a permanent seasonal contract and be unemployed right now; have been victims of gender violence or in a situation of vulnerability.

Rental agreement and minimum 18 months on Formentera
Eligible islanders will be over 18; have lived on the island at least 18 months; be signatories of a rental agreement and currently domiciled at the address in question plus be able to demonstrate monthly rent and basic costs and utilities (electricity, gas, diesel for heating, water, telecom and community fees) amounting to at least 35% of the family unit’s total income.

24 November 2020
Communications Department
Consell de Formentera