Residents and tradesmen in Sant Francesc gather, propose ideas on improving waste management

sant francesc veins 280415This morning, representatives from the council office of the environment, heads of Formentera's waste management company, tradesmen and residents converged in the plenary hall of the Formentera Council.

Attendees were brought together by the common cause of reconciling residents' right to restful tranquility and business owners' right to run trade. In recent years, the number of businesses and restaurants in Sant Francesc has spiked, which has meant increased afternoon and evening foot traffic and activity in a town that until recently was known for peace and quiet.

For their part, residents made proposals such as coordinating more cardboard collection spots, while organisers seized the opportunity to remind those in attendance of rubbish and recycling kerbside collection times: glass receptacles from 8am to 11pm, plastics 24 hours a day, and cardboard – folded neatly and any non-cardboard objects removed – after 8pm.