Targeting instability in local police force numbers, FiC calls for nine permanent staff to be added

nous policies2Last week, Formentera Council president Jaume Ferrer called for a new round of official exams to determine nine additions to the staff of local island police.

As of today, Formentera Local Police counts twenty-one agents on its rosters, although only eight are career civil servants. The addition of public employees to the force doubles as a measure to reduce the instability that currently affects the profession.

Jaume Ferrer noted that when he took office in 2007 there were “nine local officers, a number which – due to a process that had already been started by the previous administration – had grown to thirteen shortly thereafter.”

The president of the Council explained, “Initially, the goal was to get to 20. Now that that objective has been met, we can focus on giving the local force an extra level of stability in order to avoid losing any members of the current team.”