Consell reports graffiti on historical buildings in Sant Francesc to Guardia Civil

foto 2020 pintades 2The Formentera Department of Patrimony has informed the Spanish civil guard of graffiti that appeared on various Sant Francesc buildings late at night on 5-6 August. Amounting to a total of eight acts of vandalism, spray-painted words were found scrawled across the front of the historical town council and around Jardí de ses Eres. The Consell de Formentera brigade painted over the graffiti later the same morning.

The Ajuntament Vell possesses grade B protection in Formentera’s catalogue of cultural heritage sites, and along with Jardí de ses Eres is classed as a historical building and cultural interest site in Sant Francesc. Vandalism of heritage sites is considered a criminal act.

Images of the damages were included in local government’s report to law enforcement.

11 August 2020
Department of Communications
Consell de Formentera