Next Thursday, Formentera gets ready for theatre show for the whole family

Foto-cletaThe Formentera Council's Office of Culture and Festivities reports that next week, on Thursday December 28 at 5.30pm, the island's cinema will lend its stage to el Viatge a la Font de Xocolata, a family-friendly production included in the eleventh children's theatre mostra, or festival. Also featured as a part of the homegrown performing arts initiative “l'Illa a escena”, the performance runs fifty minutes and tickets (€3) are available at the box office the day of the event. TALENT IB, a programme of the regional government's Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics, claims el Viatge a la Font de Xocolata on its circuit as well.

El Viatge a la Font de Xocolata (literally, Voyage to the Chocolate Source) blends acting, puppets, masks and other assorted visual elements that make Cleta's story all the more resonant. Cleta, perennially perched atop her bicycle, is the keeper of one thousand and one tales. She learns of petroleum, its origins, its uses, its misuses, etc. On her travels at sea from land to land, the heroine observes that profusions of the mineral aren't always met with celebration.

El Viatge's audience doesn't begin and end with children. Their accompanying adults will enjoy it as well. The story and the lesson it embodies will captivate grown-ups and kids alike. And all that, without falling into the trap of too much drama. On the contrary, el Viatge's tale is one of positivity, optimism and emotion.

The company
Ferro Productions, with, at the helm, renowned actor and cultural manager Toni Gomila, is a stage production and cultural management company founded in 1998 and professionalised in 2003. Over the years they've focussed on finding and cultivating entertainment and theatre troupes for both kids and adults and have worked tirelessly in the performing arts in the Balearic Islands.